There are many aspects of Minecraft that have remained unchanged since its release. You punch trees to get wood, mine to get materials, and work your way towards the strongest equipment and tools in the game. And yet, with the recent Nether update, diamond gear is no longer the best, changing an unwritten rule of the game, and giving players another tier of ingot to forge and craft with.

Diamonds have been a highly sought after material since their introduction, and are usually hard to find. The time it takes to get a full set of diamond tools and armor is worth it though, as you can gather and fight with them even more efficiently than before. Thankfully diamonds will still serve a purpose after this update, as they're needed to craft the new netherite items.

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How to Get Netherite Ingots

Netherite ingots are made using netherite scraps. To get these, you must search underground in the Nether for ancient debris. Mined ancient debris can be smelted at a furnace and turned into netherite scraps. If you're exploring the new bastion remnants that appear in the Nether, it's possible to get both ancient debris and netherite scraps from chests as well.

Crafting netherite ingot
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To get the actual netherite ingots, just combine four netherite scraps and four gold ingots at a crafting table in any formation. While this may seem like a lot of work for one ingot, you won't be needing as many of them for a full set of equipment, unlike iron or gold.

How to Craft Netherite Tools

Crafting netherite tools works a little differently, requiring only a single netherite ingot. However, you must combine the ingot with a diamond version of the tool you want. This is done at a smithing table, which can be crafted using two iron ingots and four wooden planks of any type. When you upgrade a diamond tool using netherite, it'll keep its current durability, enchantments, and name.

Upgrading diamond tools in Minecraft
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Netherite tools (other than the hoe) can all gather their respective materials faster than diamond tools, making them a clear improvement over what was once the best tier of equipment. They'll also last longer thanks to their increased max durability. Furthermore, netherite armor has the added benefit of knockback resistance, so you'll be less likely to get hit backwards into a pit by enemies.

Source: Minecraft Wiki

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