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Train Stations become available during the Industrial Era of Humankind. Their main purpose is to speed up unit movement across large landmasses, ideal if you're trying to hurry troops to a new front.

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You will need to research the tech for Steam Engines before you can build them, and then you just place them down like ordinary districts. Here's a complete guide to Train Stations, how they work, and when to use them. As they do cause pollution, it's not always 100 per cent the best idea to place them down.

How Do You Unlock Train Stations?

Humankind train station

Train Stations are only available in the Industrial Era after researching the Steam Engine tech. Completing the Steam Engine tech also provides you with access to Coal and the Colony Blueprint for establishing new cities.

How Do Train Stations Work?

Humankind miltARY

Train Stations can only be placed once in each controlled territory. When two Train Stations are placed in adjacent territories, they are connected by an automatically-spawning railroad.

  • Units can move between two Train Stations for a cost of one movement point. If you place the Train Station in the right spot, this means you can move units across your entire empire in a single turn.
  • Both peaceful and hostile units can block train movement if they are placed on one of the train station districts.
  • Train Stations act as a district. They can be placed down anywhere that you'd be able to place another district.
  • As well as providing movement for units, they also provide +5 production per adjacent Makers Quarter. Keep this in mind while placing down tiles during the previous eras.

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Are Train Stations Worth It?

Humankind forest

Train Stations are more useful if you've opted for a militaristic build. Being able to transport units from your mass-production cities to the frontline is incredibly powerful, especially if you've managed to hit the Steam Engine tech before your opponents.

However, Train Stations also contribute to Pollution, producing +5 Pollution a turn. Pollution can begin to cause serious problems, especially if you don't make a beeline for the techs that reduce pollution in the late game.

  • Hydroelectric Dams, Solar Farms, Wind Farms, and Nuclear Plants all reduce pollution on train stations.
  • Planting trees can help offset the early pollution gains from train stations, although it can become frustrating to constantly plant trees in the late game.

We also have some other guides on Humankind mechanics, like attaching outposts, or managing cultural conversion in your empire and beyond your borders.

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