Nintendo has recently announced the newest entry in the Zelda series with Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. The game is set 100 years before the events of Breath of the Wild and will tell the story of how Calamity Ganon defeated the heroes and took over Hyrule Castle.

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This game will hopefully fill in some of the story holes that were missing from Breath of the Wild, but, it's not clear exactly which, if any, will be satisfied. Fans still have a lot of questions that this game will hopefully answer, and some new ones about this game itself. Here are some of the story elements of Age of Calamity that we're still waiting for answers to.

10 Impa's Role

young impa hyrule warriors age of calamity

One of the most recent announcements showcased a young Impa as a playable character. In BOTW, Impa serves as a guide for Link, helping steer him in the right direction and filling in some of the gaps in his memory. However, in Age of Calamity, she's still young and seemingly serves Zelda in her royal duties. But, how?

We're still waiting to see exactly what role young Impa will play at this point in the story's timeline. Is she a bodyguard for Zelda, or a royal advisor — or something else entirely?


9 The Villain's Side

hyrule warriors cia

One of the coolest parts of the first Hyrule Warriors game was the villain's side of the story being playable. As the player finished the hero's side of things, they could also play the same levels from the villain's point of view.

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It would be incredibly interesting if the same thing were implemented in Age of Calamity. Will we be able to play as Moblins and the rest of Ganon's minions and explore Hyrule from the evil side?

8 Ganon's Efficiency

calamity ganon final boss battle

In the BOTW cutscenes that show Hyrule Castle falling to Calamity Ganon, it all seems to happen pretty fast. The pillars rise out of the ground and Calamity Ganon swarms the castle. But, how fast did this really happen? Was it instant or did it take some time to play out?

Hopefully, with this new game showing all of this happen, we'll see a more detailed account of how fast Ganon took over.

7 Champion Deaths

champions botw link zelda mipha urbosa daruk revali

It's no secret that the main characters of this story are now dead. BOTW showed that all four champions, Urbosa, Mipha, Revali, and Daruk, perished at the hands of Ganon's minions. Since this new game tells the story leading up to the point at which Ganon takes over, it's presumed that we will see the champions' demise.

But, how will the game handle this? We all know these events don't end well for Link, Zelda, or the other people of Hyrule. So, will Age of Calamity end on a dark note?

6 Stasis

link using stasis with the sheikah slate

In BOTW, Link wields the Sheikah Slate, which lets him use various abilities like Stasis and Magnesis. However, this powerful item was originally in Zelda's control. We see her using Stasis and other Sheikah Slate capabilities in the trailers for Age of Calamity.

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However, we also see Daruk use Stasis. Are each of the champions going to have access to their own Sheikah Slate? How exactly are they using Stasis?

5 Other Games

hyrule warriors character roster

The original Hyrule Warriors game had characters from several different Zelda games, like Midna, Fi, Medli, Ravio, and more. These characters were all forced into one version of Hyrule through the events in the game, and were an obvious bit of fan service rather than an attempt to make a canonical tale.

The question is, will this happen in Age of Calamity as well? Will the developers find a way to make other characters not from BOTW appear in the game? It's not clear how they could make this happen.

4 Divine Beasts

divine beast vah naboris

The main purpose of being selected Champion is to pilot a Divine Beast. In BOTW, the champions are long-dead and the Divine Beasts have been seized by Ganon's forces. But, in Age of Calamity, this has not yet occurred. The champions are shown readying their respective Divine Beasts, and Urbosa is even seen standing atop Vah Naboris overlooking the battlefield, seemingly far from Gerudo Desert.

So, will the player get to drive these Divine Beasts? And if so, how far can they take them? Urbosa and Vah Naboris are seen pretty far from their starting locations.

3 Guardian Egg

age of calamity guardian egg

Currently, a title or name for this little robot is unknown, so many are referring to it affectionately as the "Guardian Egg." What exactly it is, or what it will do, is unknown. Some have theorized that it allows the other characters to use Stasis and other Sheikah Slate abilities, while some think it might serve as a "partner" for Link in the capacity of Fi or Navi did in past games.

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It's unknown how closely related it is to the Guardian Stalkers, as well. We still need more information on this little R2D2-like creature.

2 Champion Selection

zelda mipha prince sidon

Speaking of the champions being selected to drive the Divine Beasts — why were these four chosen? Urbosa is the Chief of the Gerudo and Mipha is the daughter of the king, so they seem to have a royal connection. But, what makes these four characters special enough to be hand-chosen by Princess Zelda?

Hopefully, Age of Calamity will show some background as to why these four were specifically chosen. Maybe they have some sort of divine connection to past characters from their race that played important roles, like Nabooru, Darunia, Ruto, and Medli.

1 Timeline Placement

official zelda timeline hyrule historia

The biggest question that sparks the most speculation for any Zelda release is one of timeline placement. Where, exactly, in Zelda's strange and convoluted timeline, will Age of Calamity fall? We know that it is a prequel to BOTW, but BOTW still has no specific timeline placement that fans can confirm, seemingly fitting in each of the three branches.

Hopefully, Age of Calamity will give more confirmation to the BOTW series' timeline placement, although it seems the developers are trying to leave it intentionally vague, despite the deep storytelling employed in BOTW.

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