Icarus, the new game from Dean Hall’s RocketWerkz, is coming out this year. If you head to the game’s website, you’ll see it’s listed as free-to-play. However, it seems that this decision isn’t set in stone. Whatever is best for the game, that’s what the pricing model will be. According to Hall, he’s making Icarus because he has “unfinished business”.

“I think I think I know where you're coming from with that question,” Hall replied when asked if Icarus, a survival game, was suited to the free-to-play model, “I agree, we want to make sure that however we price it, however we do this, that we do it right for the game.

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“I don't really care how much it makes, I just want it to be good. Maybe that's the best thing that came out of DayZ. I've got unfinished business. I want to make a good game. We don't want to make any promises that we can't keep. The only promise that we want to make is that we work with the community.”

RocketWerkz already has an active Icarus Discord channel, where it listens to community feedback and does its best to apply that to the game itself where possible. If the feedback suggests that the pricing model isn’t right, that’s also subject to change.


“You don't need to look very far to [see] games that have been killed by poor monetisation,” Hall explained. “If we can't figure out how to do it [as a] free-to-play game. it will change. And so yeah, I'm not allowed to confirm anything with it. But I am allowed to say that whatever we do will be what's good for the game, too. And I make no apologies if we change how stuff is monetised because those changes will be based on us not getting whatever structure we've got to the confidence.I think it's important that gamers know that if we're not happy with something, we won't rest until we are.”

Icarus is a game about dropping down onto an alien planet, scavenging for exotic materials, and escaping with the loot. It’s not hard to imagine a world in which ill-thought-out microtransactions get in the way of that core loop, so a premium model could be a better fit for this kind of game. At least we know that’s not off the table.

We also spoke to Hall about how he feels about DayZ, looking back. Check it out at that link.

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