Seasoned YouTuber Ian Carter, known as "iDubbbzTV," released a video entitled "Sex-workers - idubbbz complains," in which he defended his girlfriend's decision to start an OnlyFans account. He received a wave of backlash about two weeks prior, when his girlfriend Anisa Jomha pointed out that Ian supported her OnlyFans venture.

Ian's edgy and self-deprecating humor certainly welcomes the same type of comedy from his audience, but their onslaught of negative remarks eventually prompted the YouTuber to release a video to address the situation.

Like always, he didn't take things too seriously, but it's easy to see that he was still trying to construct some meaningful points. He decided to champion the cause, drawing attention to the hypocrisy of those who would denounce them. This didn't sit well with the self-serious sect of his audience, some taking personal offense to Ian's relaxed stance on the matter.

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It was this category of response that Ian truly took issue with – those who had falsely idolized him for ideals he had never held in the first place, and were subsequently crushed upon realizing the YouTuber's true opinions. Simply put, Ian doesn't care if his girlfriend sells compromising pictures of herself on the internet; It doesn't bother him.


Nonetheless, he received some push-back after the video dropped. Ian has historically remained the internet's favor, generally speaking, despite his reputation for dishing out hot takes on controversial topics. It is all the more surprising, then, that about 1/3rd of his viewers disliked the video.

Even PewDiePie couldn't stay away from the topic, uploading a video on the controversy just one day later. In the video, Pewds actually delivers a respectable balance between humor and level-headed commentary on the matter. He speculated that viewers didn't respond well to Ian's video because he came across as a bit too defensive. Nevertheless, the Swedish YouTuber teased the same viewers that Ian did – those who cared way too much about someone else's choices.

Most of the internet, Ian included, finds lighthearted "simp" jokes funny. For whatever reason, however, many didn't make jokes at all; They were legitimately bothered. Ian can make his case, but when it comes down to it, public figures selling their nudes online will invariably draw judgement from the masses.

Sources: Twitter, YouTube

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