Immortals Fenix Rising is releasing on pretty much everything on December 3. Previously known as Gods and Monsters, the Ubisoft title takes inspiration from Breath of the Wild, allowing you to explore a colourful open-world where you can climb any surface and glide down across open plains before stabbing a Greek god in the face.

Elias Toufexis - an actor best known for his various roles in sci-fi series The Expanse, his stint as Adam Jensen across two Deus Ex games, and Leonidas in Assassin's Creed Odyssey - plays a big part in the game, taking on the role of Prometheus, who narrates the adventure along with Zeus. Here’s a short interview we had with him about the role, the game, and how the pandemic has affected production.

TG: You’re playing Prometheus - can you tell me a bit about how he’s portrayed here?

Elias Toufexis: He's portrayed with a perfect recreation of my abs. One of the things I really loved about working on the game is the humour. I don't generally get to work in comedy and I think I'm pretty good at it! I finally get the chance with Immortals.

Is he as mischievous as in the legends?

He's more of the narrator along with Zeus so they get to discuss their relationship and the various things that they've done to each other - all while guiding the player through the game.

Was all the work on this game VO, or was there performance capture before the plague hit?

It was mostly performance capture and then the pandemic hit, yeah. I was booked to go to Quebec and do some more in March, but then the quarantine rules kicked in and I honestly thought I would lose the job altogether. But Ubisoft is a great company and they stuck with me. So we recorded the rest of the game from my home studio/sound booth. They really worked with me to make sure we could do it. I'm very appreciative because most of my other jobs completely stopped during the lockdown.



It seems like playing off your scene partner is important for a back and forth dynamic like this. If some of this game was done remotely, how do you achieve that?

After the pandemic hit, we obviously had to do it remotely. We couldn't record at the same time either. So it would depend on who really controlled the humour of the scene and who needed to react off it each line. Sometimes they'd get Zeus to record first and then I'd listen to it and record, or vice-versa. Depending on the nature of the scene. It worked really well in the end, I think.

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What characters or real people acted as inspiration for your take on the role?

I didn't really base it on anyone, at least consciously. When we performance captured it, I had to be tied to a "mountain" all day, so I'm sure some of the aggravation that Prometheus has with Zeus comes from a real place. Me, being annoyed about being in one position all day. That was my inspiration.

What’s your relationship with the protagonist of the game?

Prometheus and Zeus guide the protagonist through the journey. I won't talk about where the journey goes though! Not yet.


What kind of comedy can players expect?

There is all sorts of comedy in the game. For me and Zeus, it was a lot of straight man/ funny man back and forth. They keep getting annoyed with each other and stepping on each other's narration. It's really a fun dynamic. I enjoyed the fourth wall breaking in particular. Things like winking at the audience about the title change.

What’s your favourite thing about playing Prometheus?

Again, the humour. I don't get to play that often. Plus who doesn't like playing a God? Even one who is tied up the whole time.

Will your fans recognise your voice straight away, or are you affecting an accent or anything like that?

I have a Greek accent for the character, but it's a relatively loose one. We were much more specific on the Greek accents in Assassin's Creed Odyssey than we were here. It's a more fantastical game, so we had more fun with it.

Can you tell me your favourite spoiler-free line?

I like when Prometheus tells Zeus how to properly pronounce Ubisoft.

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