"It Ain't Much But It's Honest Work" is a hidden quest in Immortals: Fenyx Rising, and it is indeed among the best-kept secrets in the game. Barred by time-sensitive accessibility, this quest consists of a boss battle triathlon. It's not much, but below is an honest walkthrough.

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How To Trigger The Quest

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You can pick up "It Aint Much, But It's Honest Work" in the Northeastern area of the Grove of Cleos Region, due West of The Forgelands' gates. However, a visit to these farmlands will only prove fruitful by night. That's because the objective is to slay three fabled beasts (one of which you must defeat in order to start the quest in the first place) and all three beasts spawn nocturnally.

On that note, it's time to meet your competitors. You'll have to face off against a Chimera, Cyclops, and Minotaur if you want to see this quest through to completion.

The Cyclops

Immortals Fenyx Rising It Aint Much But It's Honest Work Cyclops location battle tips guide
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The Cyclops haunts the blue farmstead not far from a chest site on the border to the Gate of Tartaros. Comparatively, the boars and a sole chicken that stand guard there pose no threat, so you might as well swing by for some easy loot!

Battle Pointers

Despite only having one eye, the Cyclops can whip up a cyclone of attacks. Just barehanded, this monster can launch three different assaults.

Fisticuffs Moveset

  1. The power stomp is an AoE attack.
  2. Fist slams are another one-off AoE.
  3. The side-to-side consecutive swipes lead with a left hook and then a right.

These assaults require precise counter maneuvers to dodge, but evasion is your best tactic here as you certainly don't want to go punch for punch with a Cyclops. You can learn to gauge your timing with the indicative red glow that precedes the stomp and fist slam. Once you perfect your timing, flawless dodging will slow down time to open a larger window for counter assaults. Parrying the Cyclops' fist swipes is doable, but it takes some painful trial and error before you can nail the pattern reliably.


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The Cyclops will also swing or launch projectiles such as uprooted logs or giant boulders. However, the logs pose the greatest threat, acting as a massive flail with a devastating AoE. Therefore, it's safest to put some space between Fenyx and the Cyclops, then attempt to get him to throw the log before closing in again.

Boulders can actually be intercepted if you've got Herakles strength activated. It's suggested that you get used to playing catch with these one-eyed monsters rather than dodge ball. Otherwise, you may find out the hard way that Cyclopes have adept aim.

The Minotaur

Immortals Fenyx Rising It Aint Much But It's Honest Work Minotaur location battle tips guide
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A short jaunt Northeast from the Cyclops, a Minotaur roams the hilltop not far off from the Golden Ruins, which harbor a more heavily guarded Epic Chest.

Battle Pointers

Minotaurs are extremely powerful and aggressive, making them supremely dangerous. But that doesn't mean they're invincible. There are actually a few methods to whittle away these brutes' health bars effectively.

  • You can take a page out of the Cyclops book and use Herakles Strength to lob projectiles at the Minotaur.
  • There's also the tried and true hack 'n' slash method, though this version has a bit more finesse to it and utilizes a two-step process. First, you'll want to wail on the Minotaur with a set of axes until he yields into a stun. Once incapacitated, switching to swords will hasten the job.
  • Invoke the power of the gods. Aphrodite's Healing, Ares' Wrath, Athena's Dash, and Hephaistos' Attack are all top blessings and powers to incur heavy damage on any enemies, Minotaurs included.

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The Chimera

Immortals Fenyx Rising Chimera location battle tips guide It Aint Much But It's Honest Work
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Further north, just past another Epic Chest and golden ruins, is the third and final boss objective, the Minotaur. This location closely neighbors the topmost section of The Forgelands' border.

 Battle Pointers

Chimeras are three-headed amalgamations of different creatures, so their attacks vary greatly. However, these mythical beasts are equal parts power and prowess, so sharp evasion skills will be essential across the board.

Chimera Moveset

  • The center lion's head is capable of breathing fire, so when you see him rear his head, give him some space. If you're unfortunate enough to get caught in the flames, dodge to the side to escape.
  • The dragons on either side will attack using coordinated claw swipes that strike on a diagonal path, so try dodging the opposite way as they wind up to take a swing.
  • The Chimera will also lunge at you straight on with its full mass. There's not much you can do to evade this attack except be on guard and remain nimble enough to lunge straight backward with the beast as you see it rear up.

As for counter-tactics, Chimera's are powerful and agile but not extremely tanky. This means it's a completely viable strategy to overwhelm the Chimera with a flurry of aggressive advances. Continue your barrage of assaults until the Chimera becomes stunned, then take the opportunity to follow up with some heavy-handed blows. If you're able to maintain this pattern, the Chimera should be as good as a trophy in no time.

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