It's time to relive one of the greatest video game stories ever told. We've finally gotten our hands on Mass Effect Legendary Edition! To add to the nostalgia, save data for the PC versions of Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 is compatible with the Legendary Edition.

As pointed out by GameSpot, you can head to the Documents folder on your PC and select Bioware, where you’ll see all the developers' games lined up. You can then select either Mass Effect 2 or Mass Effect 3 and then select one of your characters to copy paste into the corresponding folder in Legendary Edition. This will allow you to dive back into your original save file while enjoying all the improvements of the Legendary Edition.

You unfortunately won’t be able to follow the same process for the original Mass Effect as the scale of improvement and enhancement for it was much larger than the other two games.

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The Mass Effect Legendary Edition launch was unfortunately not perfect. The trilogy has launched with a couple of bugs. While they’re not game breaking, they still pop up every now and then, especially when it comes to character models and animation.

Kaiden tends to lose his weapon in the first mission, while Sha’ira the Consort is darting her eyes all over the place - individually may I add - unable to track the player. Another NPC is stuck in a constant falling animation, while Shepard’s crazy-hands run animation has made a comeback in the Legendary Edition.


Another issue that a number of players were having with the Legendary Edition was the lack of an FOV slider. A low FOV setting runs the risk of players getting nauseous, especially during the intense sections of gameplay. However, it seems that some fans have already fixed that problem via a Cheat Engine.

While this is the best method, it’s the only one we have as of now. You'll have to do it each time you boot up the game, but it's hopefully only until either BioWare adds the option in an update or a mod comes out that does it permanently. This is the case for Mass Effect and also Resident Evil Village as of now.

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