Twitch streamer JoshOG has called playing the same three maps in VALORANT “boring.”

Overwatch launched with 12 maps. PUBG launched with just one enormous map. VALORANT is in between with three different maps during its closed beta, but some players have already had enough of them.

One of those players is Twitch streamer JoshOG. He’s one of the many streamers that have been asked to take part in the VALORANT beta in order to hype the game before it’s expected release, but he’s already got some criticism of the game’s map count.

"I'll be the one to say it,” JoshOG writes over on Twitter. “VALORANT is getting boring playing the same 3 maps over and over and over and over."

Those three maps--Split, Bind, and Haven--are designed to give players a good feeling for how VALORANT plays. They're relatively large, as far as online her shooter maps go, but they're still not large enough to provide much variety.

We're not sure just how many maps VALORANT will have at launch, but it'd be safe to bet that Riot will bring at least one more map to VALORANT's rotation before then.

Source: Twitter

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