To celebrate Journey's successful PC launch, Steam is offering a two-week-long sale and promotion: not only is Journey 25% off, but players can also get their hands on a free copy of Flower, another of thatgamecompany’s popular titles.

Journey’s premise is very simple: players make their way across a vast desert toward a mountain looming in the horizon, exploring the ruins of an ancient, long-forgotten civilization as they go. They can explore alone or encounter anonymous adventurers who are taking the same journey. Though players cannot communicate with their companions through speech or text, they can make a musical chiming note to catch their allies' attention. Journey’s appeal can be summed up in its pitch: float and glide your way through the desert, and let the gorgeous music and scenery blow you away.

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Journey currently holds the 2013 world record for most awards won by an indie game at 118. Thatgamecompany was initially contracted to develop three games for the PlayStation 3 back in 2006; a remake of Flow and two indie games, Flower and Journey. Journey was the last of the three games and was released as a PlayStation 3 title in 2012 before it was ported over to the PlayStation 4. Now, eight years after its launch, it is available on iOS and now Steam.

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Flower is similar to Journey in that it offers an immersive emotional experience that relies on environmental storytelling. In Flower, you play as the wind, blowing a single flower petal through six different levels and an additional credit level. Blowing the petal near various types of flowers will cause them to shed petals that trail after the lead. As players accumulate petals, the game's environment begins to change. Dead fields will become revitalized, wind turbines will begin to rotate, and new areas may even become available to explore.


Journey is also available on the Epic Games store, but the Flower deal is a Steam exclusive. This promotion ends July 9, 2020, so if you ever planned on trying the two games out, now is the time.

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