Platformer fans looking for a little more challenge in their console gaming lives are in luck: Jump King is on its way to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in June.

Nintendo Switch really has been inundated with ports of fantastic titles lately. The beloved Journey to the Savage Planet stealth-dropped on the system just last week, 2K’s smash hit franchises Borderlands, Bioshock and XCOM are making their landing on the system at the end of this week… it’s like the great third-party support vacuum that was the Wii U never existed.

It’s enough to leave fans of the hybrid handheld wondering which big-name release is going to be ported next. Well, they can stop wondering, because Nexile and UKIYO Publishing have confirmed that Jump King is coming to the system (and the other next-gen consoles) on June 9.

For the uninitiated, Jump King is a platformer that resembles a vertical Downwell, with some serious Shovel Knight vibes in its visual style and comedic flair. Its creators describe it as a “tactical leaping adventure,” in which our dashing hero must save a “smoking hot babe” who awaits at the top of a gigantic tower. How? By jumping. Then jumping some more. Then jumping even more after that.


A simple premise, but a surprisingly tactical experience as the developers promise. Each jump is very deliberate and must be charged a certain amount of time, so it’s crucial to be able to think several leaps ahead. As the blurb (via Nintendo Soup) puts it:

“Make no mistake, Jump King is an extraordinarily difficult game, yet it can be relished by anyone looking for a tough but fair challenge. It’s sadistic enough to drive a seasoned gamer to tears, yet accessible enough due to its simple controls and mechanics, that anyone can overcome its challenges – perseverance is key! Do you have what it takes to be the one true Jump King?”

Find out for yourself on your favorite console from June 9th.

Source: Nintendo Soup

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