That’s right. Jeff Goldblum, beloved snarky mathematician in the equally-beloved Jurassic Park movies, is reprising his role once more. Jurassic World Evolution just got at least 2000% more Goldblum.

As fans around the world will know, the next movie, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, is set for release on June 22 this year. It promises to build on the dramatic spectacle that was the first, centering around the Dinosaur Protection Group and their efforts to rescue the rampaging reptiles, which had been roaming free on the island since the destruction of the Jurassic World theme park.

With the movie a mere couple of months away, talk naturally turns to video game tie-ins. This is a great one-two punch to keep the hype train chugging along, even if movie adaptions do have a reputation for being all kinds of crapola (see: Superman 64).

Jurassic World Evolution isn’t based on the events of the movies, though. Instead, it’s a business sim that sees you creating your own dinosaur park, akin to Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. That title released way back in 2003; looked good and played quite well. Sadly it just fell short of the true Jurassic Park Tycoon dream game that series fans have been longing for.

Jeff Goldblum To Voice Ian Malcolm In Jurassic World Evolution
Via: Frontier Developments

So, the big question is: will Jurassic World Evolution be that game? Following the reveal trailer in August 2017, Games Radar exhorted its praises, suggesting that this bigger, more varied and expansive current-gen take on Operation Genesis is going to be a big, big deal.

There’s a huge weight of fan expectation resting on the shoulders of the dev team at Frontier Developments. For a whole generation, the incredible animatronics of the original Jurassic Park blew our minds. They’re still among the greatest spectacles we’ve ever seen at the theatre. That first sighting of the Tyrannosaurus in all its glory… goosebumps.


One thing’s for certain: the team are taking that responsibility seriously. It’s always a huge coup for a video game adaption to get original voice talent from the movie on board, and we’re talking about Jeff Goldblum/Ian Malcolm here. If there’s one major ingredient you could ask for to get the immersion right, his presence would be it.

As the man himself says, he’s not just going to make a quick cameo. Rather, he’s set to be the guide who lends his voice throughout the game. In character. Let that fact sink in, as you enjoy this sweet, sweet Gallimimus footage and await the game’s release.

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