The franchise of Dragon Ball began in 1984 when Akira Toriyama released his first manga through Shueisha, one of the most successful publishers in Japan. Though initially starting off as a story based on the Chinese novel Journey to the West, the franchise changed drastically during the sequel Dragon Ball Z. In it, Son Goku was revealed to be an alien from a warrior race called the Saiyans and that a space tyrant named Frieza was the villain who murdered his father and eradicated his race, leaving only a few survivors scattered around the galaxy including his brother Raditz and the Saiyan prince named Vegeta.

Over three decades later, the Dragon Ball franchise is still going strong with a brand-new animated and manga series, several video game series, and enough toys and merchandise to fill a museum. Certainly, there are plenty of exceptional cosplayers willing to take on the task of recreating their favorite Dragon Ball characters of the 2D world for the real-world, me included. Don't worry, you won't see any of my cosplay outfits in this list. Maybe if you ask nicely, I can send you some through Facebook. There are more people deserving inclusion in this list other than me.

Without further ado, here are 25 lovely cosplays from one of the most popular franchises in the world Dragon Ball, in no particular order.

25 Jessica Nigri – Goku

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From amateur to professional, Jessica Nigri has already witnessed all of the good and bad of the cosplay scene. In an environment where appearance of the utmost importance, Jessica has upped the ante every single time she is out on the convention floor. Gone are the days when Nigri attended conventions for fun. Most of the time it is because of work, but I am sure she wouldn't have it any other way. Besides cosplaying the clean cut version of Vegeta, she also did this dirty, battle-damaged interpretation of Goku. The dirt and bruises might be wash-off, but the essence of Nigri never quite goes away. Nerdiness and dorkiness never ever looked this good before. Credit David Ngo for his excellent cosplay photos.


24 Project Alice – Vegeta

via geekxgirls

Possibly deriving her cosplay pseudonym from Resident Evil, Project Alice is not quite willing to be in the public eye, much to the despair of her fans and probably all of mankind. Her Facebook fan page is no longer accessible and her Instagram account is now private. But before she left the spotlight, Project Alice left us with this cosplay of Vegeta from his appearance in the Saiyan Saga for our viewing pleasure. If you can't get enough of this beautiful lady, be sure to check out her excellent and jaw-dropping interpretations of Red Sonya, Mary Jane Watson from Spiderman, and Mai Valentine from Yu-Gi-Oh! Cannot hit the bookmark button quick enough.

23 NRK The Hedgehog – Bulma

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If you don't know the cosplayer who is named NRK the Hedgehog, you might not be the only one. Unless you live in Japan or keen on Japanese-based cosplay, NRK the Hedgehog is a totally new encounter beyond your current knowledge. Among a super-competitive cosplay scene in Japan, NRK has sold many of her cosplay photographs at Comiket, one of the most popular events featuring fan-created art in the world that is held twice a year in Tokyo. Though certainly not as buxom as the other cosplayers on this list, most of whom are American, Australian, or European, NRK employs the wonders of circle contact lenses and padded push-up bras. Be sure to seek out her nice cosplay of Quiet, the stunning sniper from Metal Gear Solid.

22 Jennifer Van Damsel – Bunny Launch

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A cosplayer since 2012, Jennifer Van Damsel also streams on Twitch when she is not showing off her super-powered outfits on her official website and Patreon. This creative Texan has plenty of social media fans, and even the recent terrible hurricane cannot wash her away from the public consciousness. Her Bunny suit Launch made this list even though she claimed to have put it together in the last minute. Quoting her: “You know blondes have more fun.” They certainly do, especially if one of them is named Jennifer Van Damsel. If you don't remember the character named Launch, she was largely featured in the original series as a woman who changes her personality each time she sneezes, almost like a Dissociative Disorder.

21 Katiucha Barcelos – Android 18

via 9gag

Unless you are fluent in Portuguese, following the works of Katiucha Barcelos is a mission of finding the best translation software available. This beautiful young lady found her viral internet fame through 9gag, when a keen netizen posted photographs of her Android 18 cosplay. Since then, Katiucha has been known as the girl who cosplayed as one of Doctor Gero's powerful mechanized creations. Similar to many characters in the Dragon Ball franchise, Android 18 was a villain who eventually became a hero later down the road. When she was resurrected, Android 18 ended up marrying Krillin and gave birth to a daughter. As of this moment, she finds herself fighting along side of other Universe 7 heroes in order to avoid deletion in Dragon Ball Super.

20 Kayla Erin – Super Saiyan Goku

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Creating cosplays since 2012 from the Land Down Under, Kayla Erin has plenty of outfits to make even the most passive bystander's heart skip a beat. Her portfolio of cosplay looks more like a Victoria's Secret catalog than a typical girl wearing run-of-the-mill Halloween costumes. There is truly something special about this Aussie that could make many people forget about your Nigris and Yayas. Every photograph is a treat for the eyes. Despite being battered and bloodied for this battle damaged interpretation of Goku, Kayla still manages to look lovely and gorgeous. Needless to say, her battle-worn Goku is one of the coolest and most stunning cosplays of the character ever made.

19 Rica Raion – Launch

via cos-topia

Though a relative unknown in the global cosplay scene, Rica Raion has some incredibly crafted outfits. Hailing from Vienna, Austria, she is the first ever Austrian cosplayer that I have ever researched. Not sure how big the cosplay community is in Austria, but it did give us plenty of notable cosplays from Rica Raion, especially her cosplay of Launch, complete with machine gun and motorcycle. It is unknown what would happen to Rica if she ever let out a great sneeze, but for Launch, it turns a passive lady into an aggressive firecracker. Unfortunately, she hasn't updated her Twitter account with any new cosplay since the middle of 2016. It has been nearly a year since she posted on there. Hopefully, we will see more of Rica's works in the near future.

18 Amouranth – Android 18


When not creating wild and extreme cosplays for internet consumption and supporters of her Patreon, Amouranth could be seen gaming on her Twitch channel, usually wearing one of her outfits while playing. As a cosplayer, Amouranth pulls no punches. If hot cosplay photographs are what you are after, you cannot go wrong searching for the works of Amouranth. She has been seen as a guest at a convention as far as China, an incredible accomplishment, and testament to her popularity. For this Houston-based lady, baring some skin is just par for the course. If you don't like it, you can go elsewhere. Otherwise, be sure to check out her numerous social media accounts. You will be glad you did.

17 Dalin – Bulma

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Straight out of Mexico, Dalin is one of the cosplayers I have been following for a very long time, even before the days I began dressing up at conventions. Now, that I have retired from the craft, Dalin is still going strong and never fails to deliver exceptional cosplay outfits of popular characters from animation and gaming. This time, Dalin decided to dress up as Bulma from the original series, before she married Vegeta, of course. It almost seems tame compared to the other stuff in her portfolio. If you are in the mood for a little more eyecandy, be sure to search for Dalin's cosplay of Darkstalkers Morrigan Aensland. It will surely make your heart skip a beat or two. Just be sure not to do it on a workplace computer, okay?

16  Honey Bee Mai – Bunny Bulma

via deviantart (honeybeeamai)

Unlike most places in the world, cosplay in Japan is an activity that is taken very seriously. There are many places in Akihabara that cater to cosplay goods and services. For some of the best cosplays of Dragon Ball, I think you have to return to the source. The next entry on this list is a brilliant cosplayer from Japan named Mai, or by her adorable pseudonym Honey Bee Mai. All of Mai's cosplay photographs are of the best quality, from a craft and image quality standpoint. Needless to say, she takes her cosplay extremely seriously. Mai's presentation in her photographs is a prime example of that. If you want a cosplay that is as cute a button, Mai's interpretation of Bunny Bulma is sure to satisfy.

15 Maholy Rupert – Bulma

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Maholy Rupert utilized her cosplay as Ada Wong of Resident Evil in a cancer awareness fundraiser effort in her native Venezuela. Based on that amazing effort alone she deserves a spot on every cosplay list in perpetuity — as irrational as that might be. At the very least, Maholy did do a great job on her Bulma cosplay, by looking almost exactly like the source material. Though cosplaying is a relatively-new pursuit of fans living in Venezuela, Maholy seeks to expand the culture. As a personal pursuit, cosplay has given her a lot of satisfaction and even aided her financially. It all has to start somewhere. I wish her good luck in her pursuits of her goal.

14 Jannet Vinogradova – Super Saiyan Goku

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When compiling cosplayers for an article, always be sure to include the ravishing Russian named Jannet Vinogradova, also known as Jannet Incosplay. Not only has she been making great cosplay for a long time, she also teaches people about crafting through her online tutorials. There is certainly no one better to take pointers from. It doesn't seem like she will quit this community anytime soon. While Jannet does do a lot of PG-rated cosplay, she also does quite a fair amount of photographs for people 18 and older. Her gender-bending cosplay of Super Saiyan Goku is, by far, one of the best ones of this article. Even the hair is done exquisitely. Of course, everything that Jannet does is of the utmost quality. She never does a mediocre job. Because of that, Jannet will always be one of my favorites.

13 Giada Robin – Vegeta

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Besides exotic supercars and excellent cuisine, the country of Italy also has an extensive cosplay community filled with hobbyists who are incredible at their craft and pleasant to look at, as well. Giada Robin is a prime example of this expanding cosplay hotbed. Transcending beyond just a regular enthusiast, she is actually a professional cosplayer who has attended many conventions around the world as a judge and guest. Her name is probably a take on the One Piece character Nico Robin, for Giada has cosplayed as her many different times. Taking all of that into account, it was a matter of time before she created a Dragon Ball-related cosplay worthy of praise. This cosplay of Vegeta is exactly what I am talking about. I have never been to Italy before, but for some reason, I really want to go there right now.

12 Fabibi – ChiChi

via flickr

When you find a great cosplayer, why not give her some more attention. The hobbyist from Chile graces this list once again with her exceptional take on the daughter of the Ox-King and wife of Son Goku, ChiChi. Though this is an outfit that ChiChi wore when she was a child, it is a favorite among fans of the series and the characters. I always enjoyed the design of the armor and cape, as it looks like it came out of Toriyama's other pieces of work and creations, like the Dragon Quest series, which features his designs. Still extremely influential, it is likely that Toriyama will never see a formal retirement from the anime and manga world. When you are that great at you job, why not keep going?

11 Unknown – Vegeta

via dtjaaaam

Unfortunately, I was unable to track down the identity of the person who did this cosplay during Anime Expo a couple of years ago. So, if anyone out there knows the name of this cosplayer, be sure to let us know. Solid identity or not, this interpretation of Vegeta with Saiyan armor and scouter actually fits the sleeker, skinny Vegeta quite well. Remember when he wasn't so muscle-bound and loaded with giant veins bulging from his whole body? I certainly do. Since the Frieza Saga, the talk about power levels and scouters have all but become obsolete. Though guidebooks of Dragon Ball-related games from Japan still refer to different power levels, it is nothing compared to how important it was to the storyline during the early arcs of Dragon Ball Z. Where else can you make a Meme featuring Vegeta crushing his scouter?

10 Queen Azshara – Android 18

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Greetings from Canada, the French part. That is where you will find the cosplay of Queen Azshara. It is not hard to decipher which Dragon Ball character she loves to cosplay, especially when you see her five variations of Android 18 that she created. With those crazy looking lenses, doesn't it seem like Queen Azshara can stare a hole right through you? It is definitely intimidating. For some reason, I think that her talents will eventually land her on future cosplay articles. As much as we love getting Android 18-related cosplays, I am equally excited when I find some of Queen's works. She's a true professional and the best is (certainly) yet to come.

9 Hidori Rose – Bunny Bulma

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By no means is Hidori Rose a family-friendly cosplayer. She is anything but. Only for grown ups! On her Patreon, she even describes her cosplay as lewd. Plus, she goes by the nickname Hentai Senpai. People who know even a little bit of Japanese knows what that means. We might as well take her word for it. One thing is for certain: her Bunny Bulma cosplay is cute and jaw-dropping all rolled into one. If you choose to search for Hidori Rose online, she has mentioned that a lot of her stuff is not safe for work. So, be careful, and do it at the leisure of your own home. (But definitely do find a chance to look her up!)

8 Stella Chuu – ChiChi

via cosplayfusiongeek

Long before she became Goku's grumpy wife and the mother of two spiky-haired half-Saiyans named Gohan and Goten, ChiChi was the princess of Fire Mountain and the daughter of the Ox-King. That was nearly thirty years ago of real-world time. Many years of alien invaders and super villains have definitely taken a toll on the entire cast of heroes. Like most of the other characters who debuted in the original series, ChiChi has gone through numerous outfit changes. But none was cuter than her adorable Dragon Quest-like outfit from when she was just a child. Stella Chuu is here once again to put her stunning spin on this relatively-innocent character, and it can only be described as spectacular. What did I tell you? Stella never disappoints.

7 Danielle Vedovelli – Bunny Bulma


Once again, Brazilian cosplayer Danielle Vedovelli is on another cosplay list. Is it really a surprise anymore? I don't think so. Did you know Vedovelli also practices Taekwondo? You would never imagine that she's one of the few cosplayers who could kick your head off. If you thought her Tifa Lockhart cosplay rocked your world, you must look at her interpretation of Bunny Bulma. Like with most of her other works, Danielle continues to impress. Her tight body suit of Bulma might have just taken her level of sexiness beyond the confines of normal cosplay. That is until she ends up making another one. She manages to top her previous cosplays, time after time.

6 NadyaSonika – Trunks


Spanish-speaking cosplayer NadySonika is an extremely talented artist. She has done amazing cosplays of video game characters such as Samus, Terry Bogard, Tifa Lockhart, Quiet, and Cammy. Her Gym Leader Sabrina is one of my favorite cosplays of all-time. Judging from her portfolio, she is very well-versed in gaming or has a passion for it. The cosplay that lands her a spot on this list is her gender-bending cosplay of Future Trunks, a fan-favorite. Debuting during the Android Saga, time-traveling Future Trunks went back in time to spare the main timeline the devastation witnessed in his world by the Red Ribbon Androids. It was quite a difficult debate between her Trunks and Videl cosplay. But since we rarely see a female Trunks cosplay, this one had to be the final choice.

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