KartRider Rush+ has finally unleashed its new update for Season 3 with some new characters, karts, tracks, and even a new mode to try as we move out of the summer season into the winter. In the new update for the free-to-play mobile racer, a Championship Mode has been added on top of the Ice Throne theme that will be part of the latest season.

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The online racing game KartRider Rush+ is a free-to-play mobile title that brings the racing action straight to your phone. The game offers some creative tracks, karts, and game modes. Released in May 2020, it has managed to receive 10 million downloads worldwide during its first two weeks online. The developers are currently working on a new title, KartRider Drift, for PC and Xbox One and is scheduled to release sometime this year.

Kicking off today, this limited-time event will be running until September 22. According to the latest press release, this new Championship Mode will allow players to go head to head against NPC opponents in 4-on-4 matches. In order to come out on top, teams will have to utilize their Ultimate Skill and be able to win at least five straight matches. You can check out the trailer below:

Along with the new mode, Season 3 has also added some new karts to try out like the White Knight, Iceball, and the Emperor’s new car. There will also be a brand new Weekly Sign-In event that will begin on September 14. When players log-in to the game daily, they can earn rewards like K-Coins, Turbo Crystals, L-Decoder, Quick L-Badge, and even a Bluebird kart. In addition, those with a Season 3 Pass can earn new characters like Prince Dao along with new karts starting September 21 by earning season points.


Other updates and improvements include:

  • Soulmate System: BFF’s with a bond of 500 or more can team up with one friend to become Soulmates and complete quests together to earn various rewards.
  • Pet Breakthrough System: Racers can Breakthrough pets that have reached Maximum level to increase their stats using ‘Super Candy’ obtainable through Codes.
  • Firecracker Item and Free Movement: A new firecracker item can be purchased and used in the My Home setting with friends to increase their Bond, while Free Movement allows players to move around in the background and take pictures more easily.

KartRider Rush+ is free to play on the App Store and Google Play.

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