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Ember Lab's Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a stunningly beautiful action-adventure game that follows a young Spirit Guide named Kena in her search for the sacred mountain shrine. Players can find helpful little Rot spirits to aid them on their journey while you uncover the secrets that the ancient forest holds.

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Your little Rot friends won't be the only ones helping you either, as we've got all the guides you need right here to help you complete the game and mop up the many collectibles.

How To's And Puzzle Solutions

Kena Bridge of Spirits swimming towards a tree

Kena will challenge you to solve more than one puzzle as you progress through the main story, and some of these can be particularly hard to fathom. We've got guides here for the hardest puzzles in the game so you can complete them on your first try.

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Collectible Guides

Kena Bridge of Spirits Rot

There is a lot to find and collect in Kena: Bridge of Spirits, from adding more little Rot spirits to your collection to finding adorable little hats for them to wear, there's plenty to keep you busy for hours. We've got our very own collection going on right here — guides! Check here to find out where to search for those pesky hidden items.

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Review And Opinion Pieces

Kena Bridge of Spirits Kena and Rot

Our very own Stacey Henley reviewed Kena: Bridge of Spirits for us and gave it a 4/5! To read her thoughts on the game as well as our other opinion pieces on this beautiful title, you can check out these articles here.

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