Kia is the newest sponsor of the Rogue’s League of Legends European Championship team based in Berlin, Germany. In a new commercial the team shows off the newest vehicle with players Finn, Inspired, Larssen, Vander, and Hans sama piling in and going for a ride.

The announcement is not the first time that Kia has sponsored this league. February 2019 marked it first sponsorship deal of the overall championship with a new film titled “Ready to Play,” featuring well known casters from the LEC. Speaking about the new partnership deal, Managing Director of Rogue Sports Europe GmbH, Anna Baumann, describes everyone excited at the opportunities this relationship affords, “We look forward to presenting uniquely creative content for Kia utilizing what our brand stands for: connecting music icons with League of Legends superstars."

The partnership is set to last for a year and will be a focal point of the League of Legends European Championship series. Rogue has said that there are plans for videos, Kia-branded events during LEC tournaments, and some surprises along the way.

The spring season has just wrapped up its series of competitive matches, which took place between January 24 and March 21. The current ranking place Rogue in sixth place out of ten competitors with a 50%-win rate throughout the season.

Source: Press Release


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