For most of us, cartoons were a part of our lives growing up. On the surface, they were a form of entertainment and enjoyment after a long day at school. They allowed us to unwind and decompress and free ourselves for a moment from the everyday worries of life. More than that though, they also helped us to better understand people and situations that we would later encounter in life. Through cartoons, we were able to learn about the differences among people and we learned the ways in which we could deal with those personalities that were different from our own. Even now, I am sure that you will find yourself comparing a situation to a show or movie that you have seen in your past.

Though the form and type may have changed, if we were being honest with ourselves we would all freely admit that we still watch some form of cartoon. They introduced us to worlds that were both similar and different from our own and they allowed us a front row seat to some spectacular art. We were able to see how, through the beauty of art and animation; you could bring even your wildest stories to life. Given the impact that these cartoons had on our lives it raises the question of what they would be like today. Lucky for us, the artists on this list also grew up enjoying the same cartoons as we did and they asked themselves the same question. They then set out to answer it by creating their own depictions of what they think that our favorite characters would look like today.

25 Preparing For The Worst


In an effort to find new shows Cartoon Network introduced a block of programming entitled Cartoon Network’s Big Pick. Within it, the network would air pilot episodes of potential animated series. At the end of the broadcasting block they would invite viewers to cast their votes either by telephone or over the internet for their favorite animated series. It was through this process that The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy was born.

After voting, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy received over half of all votes cast.

In looking at the gallery of ifesinachi we can see the presence of a lot of line art associated with poses. Learning how to do different poses is very important as it prevents you from getting into the habit of using the same or similar pose through all pieces of artwork that you do. In his drawing we can see that every character has a unique pose.


24 Brimming With Excitement


Given the large amount of artwork that is associated with her out there it was rather hard for me to just pick one depiction of Starfire for this list. After all, she is only a close second to Raven in terms of fan favorites within Teen Titans and her personality allows for artists to play around with her expressions and body language a lot.

One such artist by the name of logancure does just that and he does a good job of picking the right body language to go along with the facial expression that Starfire is making. In looking at his Pokémon renditions I was simply awestruck by the level of detail within them. We see more of the same in his drawing of Starfire and the realistic appearance of the water is almost unreal.

23 Mixing The Elements


Thanks to the immense popularity of Avatar: The Last Airbender we were introduced to the sequel entitled The Legend of Korra. These two shows not only did well in terms of viewership, but they also implored fans all over the world to create the characters within the show in incredible ways. While some artists fall in line with the traditional art style of the show, there is a equal if not greater amount that render them in a style that we haven’t seen before.

Though our next artist has already made his way onto this list thanks to his Raven rendition, I simply had to include his Korra illustration as well. In viewing his depiction of Korra, we can see a distinctive difference in both the coloring and shading technique that Flowerxl uses. He decides to use the color of the background to provide lighting to his character which in turn also adds depth and realism to the elements that now surround Korra.

22 Showing Her Power


If you were to run a search of fan art attached to Raven you would quickly find an endless supply of renditions that would take you days to comb over. Pretty much, if you can imagine a certain situation or a certain art style there’s a good chance that an artist has created it.

Flowerxl has a gallery filled with some of our favorite characters from comic books and video games to animated shows and movies. Though the characters look rather realistic, his blending and coloring technique give the appearance of an oil based painting with remarkable results. He employs soft lighting around his characters to create a gradual change and present a more natural appearance as well. His Raven illustration is more of the same and I really like the way that he created the aura around her hands. The sharp line work and darker colors really help to separate the character from the background as well.

21 Assessing The Situation


The great thing about doing a list like this is that you get to see all the ways that people apply a certain art style. Photo-realism, like any other art style, takes many forms and you will have artists’ use different coloring and blending techniques to achieve the same results. It allows you to see how these various changes can affect the overall appearance of the character.

Realistic renditions allow you to see how a particular artist views the world.

Our next artist loves to practice drawing and coloring buildings as well as clothing material and it helps them to create drawings like the Harley Quinn you see before you. Sangrde has been drawing for eight years and in that time has provided a large amount of fantastic artwork along with incredible step by step tutorials.

20 Caught In A Daydream


Pokémon is still going strong today and I have to admit I didn’t expect that to be the case when I was introduced to it all those years ago. I thought that perhaps the next generation would not fall in love with it in the same way and that there would be something new to take its place, but instead it has only continued to grow and with new games coming out, it isn’t showing any signs of stopping now.

Misty is without a doubt the most iconic character from the series.

Even today, I can fire up my Game Boy and play my old Pokémon games and still have fun. There is a lot of fan art associated with Misty out there, but I haven’t come across anything quite like what YET1000 has done. He does a remarkable job of creating an interactive background and using the flow of colors to reinforce the idea of Misty being underwater.

19 Searching For Dragon Balls


When Dragon Ball was introduced to America it changed the landscape forever. It was like nothing else before it and it helped to create a new demand for Japanese animation. Before long, the demand forced networks like Cartoon Network to dedicate whole programming blocks to the broadcasting of such shows through the likes of Toonami.

The increase in popularity has helped the industry to expand and has even caused American animation studios to work on joint projects with other animation studios around the world. Seeing as many of us grew up watching the show on television, it is no surprise that you will have no trouble finding depictions of your favorite characters from it. When it comes to creating realistic digital art of our favorite animated characters from video games to television shows, bokuman has you covered. His Bulma illustration, makes good use of vibrant colors like those we see throughout the show.

18 Still Crime Fighting


While The Powerpuff Girls might not have been everyone’s favorite cartoon growing up there is no doubt their impact and lasting impression across generations. The storyline was unique and there was a wide range of characters with varying personalities that helped to craft an interesting show. Given that it has recently had a reboot, there has been an influx of sorts of fan art associated with it.

Its original run lasted six seasons, no small feat for any cartoon.

Showing the process of drawing is what rossdraws is all about. He loves helping fellow artists in any way that he can and he regularly creates videos showing his entire process from start to finish. He regularly interacts with his viewers and invites them to submit their own artwork, which he then redraws in his own style. His Powerpuff Girls drawing is simply breathtaking and it reminds me of a watercolor painting.

17 Taking A Moment To Relax


When it comes to great animated series, X-Men is certainly up there among the best. If you had watched the animated series at any point in time chances are you found a character or two from it that you liked. It helped to bring to life the superheroes from comic books that we knew of and fueled a fan base that has only continued to grow with each passing year.

There are so many fan-made renditions of the characters in fact that it becomes rather hard for any particular artist to stand out. When it comes to well-liked characters, Rogue is certainly among them. Prywinko uses a wide range of styles and techniques in route to creating some of the best photo-realistic artwork that I have ever seen. Her Rogue depiction is no exception and she does a wonderful job of applying dynamic lighting throughout the piece.

16 Controlling Her Element


If we were to have a discussion about fast-rising animated series, Star vs. the Forces of Evil would surely be included. From the moment it was aired on Disney XD it was rather apparent that it was a hit in the making. It has drawn comparisons to Steven Universe in terms of animation style and character creation and it seems to be on the same path in terms of longevity.

Originally, Star wasn’t going to have magical powers at all.

Creating a background with some form of movement isn’t an easy task, but Santagiera seems to do it in some form or another with every piece of artwork within her gallery. She likes to make her characters interact with the background in some way and it helps to draw your attention to both the foreground and the background at the same time. We see more of the same in her Hekapoo illustration.

15 Fun In The Sunshine


Growing up, one of my all-time favorite animated series was Ed, Edd n Eddy. There was a lot to like about the show and there were a ton of characters that you could really relate to. They each had their corks and they each had their fair share of difficulties which made them seem more in line with reality. As it turns out, all of the characters within the show were based on actual people that creator Danny Antonucci had run into throughout his childhood.

Given its long run, it is no surprise that there is no shortage of artwork associated with it. Apart from creating depictions of our favorite characters, hibikiryoga spends time drawing landscapes and buildings. His coloring technique has evolved over time and we can see some of the major changes he has made within his digital painting of Marie Kanker.

14 Breaking From Adventure


Every once and a while you will come across a cartoon that is truly groundbreaking and Adventure Time is one. Creator Pendleton Ward had a pretty good idea of its possible potential as a series when he released a seven-minute animated short of the same name that received positive reviews across the board. Once he got wind of this he pitched the idea to Cartoon Network and though the hesitated, they eventually accepted.

The show employs some of the best young artists and animators in the industry.

There is a unique storyline attached to each episode and with an every expanding universe inside the show it isn’t likely that they will run out of ideas anytime in the near future. Within every piece that ekalos does, you will see some form of movement of the character. His Marceline rendition is similar in that way and he does a great job of mixing blue hues to create depth and lighting changes.

13 Gazing Into The Distance


Like many of the cartoons within this list, Adventure Time tends to have more realistic depictions of its characters being done by artists. That isn’t to say that there isn’t a good amount of artwork that falls in line with the traditional style out there, but for the most part, you will find that artist tend to imagine them in whole new ways while keeping the key elements of the character intact.

I came across a lot of fantastic renditions of Princess Bubblegum in my search for drawings related to her, but this one done by hunky-dory-artist was unlike anything else I had come across. Though pink is used a lot throughout the image, he manages to separate each part of it through distinctive changes in hue saturation.

12 Strolling Through Bedrock


Sometimes you will be introduced to a cartoon and it’s not until much later in life that you realize new things about it that you never knew before. In the case of The Flintstones, I had no idea at the time that it was created nearly forty years before I had first watched it. The fact that it is still being aired to this day speaks volumes about how well done the writing for the show really was.

Like Scooby-Doo, it has managed to span a multitude of generations and has inspired artists the world over to create their own depictions of the iconic characters. When it comes to creating realistic depictions of our favorite characters you will be hard-pressed to find anyone who does it any better than sakimichan does. Her Wilma drawing is a testament to that and she does an incredible job of adding depth of field within it.

11 Leaping Into Action


While the movies may vary in terms of success and admiration among fans, there is little doubt about the overall impact that a character like Spiderman has had across generations. Within the comic books as well as the animated series we are introduced to different universes where certain things occur that aren’t present within the primary storyline.

Within Earth-65 Gwen Stacy is bitten by the spider instead of Peter Parker.

When it comes to alternative characters within the series, Spider-Gwen is quickly becoming one of the most popular. With the recent announcement of her inclusion within a full feature animated film by Marvel, it is likely that this will continue. Sciamano240 touches upon a multitude of different characters from anime, comic books and games and he creates amazing backgrounds to go along with all of them. His Spider Gwen is done in a comic book art style and he blurs the background to imply fast movement.

10 A Stoic Nature


Though the recent movie of her likeness may not have hit all the right notes for fans, that hasn’t stopped them from creating fantastic illustrations of her. She has spanned across many series and given her association with other well-known characters it isn’t likely that Wonder Woman will be forgotten anytime soon.

A simple peek through the gallery of dandonfuga will reveal that it is filled to the brim with iconic comic book characters. Within these same pieces, she makes good use of depth of field and point of view to add realism to her characters. She has a good grasp on the effect that lighting has in a particular environment we can see this in the way that she creates a light reflection on the armor of Wonder Woman.

9 Prowling The Streets


It didn’t take long for a character like Catwoman to become a fan favorite. This is hardly a surprise though, given her close association with such an iconic well-known character as Batman. She has been a part of not just animated series associated with Batman, but television shows as well.

The film depicting her for all intents and purposes was a flop.

Though the film didn’t do all that well, many felt that Halle Berry played Catwoman well and was the only bright spot in the movie itself. Lolliedrop likes helping out her fellow artists by taking them through the steps of creating her artwork. She has all sorts of tutorials and she does a great job of breaking down the process of digitally painting hair, which is one of the more difficult things to do.

8 Rising To The Occasion


Though she had been around for some time before that, I didn’t know of Starfire as a character until Teen Titans. When it comes to superheroes we have a wealth to choose from and new ones are being created all of the time. It’s hard to keep track of them at times and that’s why shows help us get introduced to those that we might not have known about otherwise.

She was first introduced in the twenty-sixth issue of DC Comics in 1980.

When it comes to popular characters from the show Teen Titans it is a battle for first place on most people’s list between Raven and Starfire. It’s easy to see why given their personalities and the fact that they have gained an even larger following since the release of Teen Titans Go. This rendition of her done by dandonfuga is amazing and he does a great job of applying bold colors.

7 Controlled Chaos


The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy was strange to be sure, but in a good way. It was first conceived as a two minute short by Maxwell Atoms as part of his junior thesis while attending the University of the Arts. From that two minute short, he went on to create a show for Cartoon Network that aired for six seasons.

The actual short that it all started from wasn’t publically known until much later when Maxwell Atoms decided to upload it onto his YouTube channel. It’s always nice when an artist decides to share their line art as it allows you to practice their coloring techniques on the same drawing. Mazume does this with some regularity and also challenges themselves through taken open request to create unique one of a kind characters. Their drawing of Eris keeps all the key elements of the character while giving her a more realistic appearance.

6 A Gentle Gesture


If you were to ask people to create a list of their favorite super villains of all time I am sure that you would find Poison Ivy at the top of most of their list. She, like the Joker, has an association with Harley Quinn which helps to place her as a fixture within that same circle. It is through her interactions with Harley and with Batman that she has gained a large following.

She was included as a reoccurring character in the Gotham television series.

Like so many artists on our list, Axsens likes to share tips and tricks with her fellow artists. She goes through the processes of creating a wide range of tutorials from drawing facial expression to hair and eyes and everything in between. In looking at her Poison Ivy rendition we can see that she has created an environment that matches the character well.

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