VALORANT has been out for almost two months now. It has a blossoming esports scene and the 11 agents at launch provide a variety of ways to enjoy the game. Finally, Riot Games has announced the 12th agent set to do battle, Killjoy. She comes loaded with a plethora of useful utility sure to disrupt anyone on the enemy team.

Killjoy's abilities lend themselves well to defending much like Cypher. Though she can be useful on attack to help shut down flankers and make their lives just that much harder.

Alarmbot and Nanoswarm are Killjoy's two basic abilities. There is already a useful breakdown of these abilities here if interested in knowing more.

The biggest piece of Killjoy's kit that has been getting the most contention from the player base is her deployable turret which is her signature ability. When deployed, the turret will shoot an enemy in range after .75 seconds. It does anywhere from 4-8 damage and can be destroyed with it's 125 health pool. VALORANT is all about a player's ability to aim and position to get the advantage, but an auto-lock turret is an interesting direction the developers decided to take.

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Her ultimate is called Lockdown. Once deployed, a device begins a 13 second countdown that will hinder all enemies caught in it's radius. If caught in it, enemies won't be able to use their weapons or their abilities, though the device can be destroyed within those 13 seconds.


A good character aesthetic is a bonus for Killjoy while some players have already voiced their concerns over her turret. It doesn't do a ton of damage and should be able to be countered easily. Still, having an ability that can put out damage automatically like a turret can be a turnoff for some players in a tactical shooter that rewards aim and positioning more than anything else.

Killjoy is available for action on August 4th and it will be interesting to see how she fits in with the other agents and their own abilities.

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