Kingdom Hearts is a beautiful collective of creativity, especially for Disney fans. Players immerse themselves in a variety of beautiful worlds filled with interesting characters and graphics. This franchise has played a strong role in the lives of gamers for many years.

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This series has been apart of the gaming community for almost twenty years now and most people would be able to recognize several characteristics of the series. However, we will be taking a look into the most iconic symbol of the game, keyblades. More specifically, we will look at the most epic looking keyblades across all the games.

10 Soul Eater

For those who enjoy the dark side, the Soul Eater will definitely catch your eye. A keyblade wielded by Riku, the sense of malevolence it inspires by onlookers is outstanding. The blade itself appears to be a wing of some kind. The exact type of wing is unknown but either way, it is diabolical. Upon closer examination, a striking blue eye is found near the handle. Devilishly beautiful, many players may find this keyblade on their radar.


9 Sweetstack

Anyone with a sweet tooth or a love for food, in general, may lean towards the Sweetstack as the most ascetically pleasing. A keyblade made up of ice cream would make most people scream for joy. Several scoops of different flavored ice cream topped with three orange slices (although some could argue as to the exact type of fruit they are).

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On the handguard, you will find ice cream scoops, two vanilla soft-serve ice cream cones, and a precious sundae token. Foodies can add this keyblade to their list of favorites as it is one of the few that represent food.

8 Ocean Rage

Modeled after the Disney adaptation of Pinocchio, Oceans Rage will intrigue any who look upon it. The handle guard is an adaptation of the whale's head with the hilt being the creatures uvula. However, the blade itself appears to be water spouting from the creature's blowhole. At the top of this water is a raft similar to the one used by Pinocchio. Nautical lovers can find a passion for the appearance of this keyblade.

7 Crystal Snow

Fans of the movie Frozen can simply not go without the Crystal Snow keyblade. Modeled after the palace created by Elsa in the original movie Frozen, the Crystal Snow keyblade is an elegant tribute to the franchise. A lovely snowflake with a distinguishable pattern can be found at the very top of this weapon. Additionally, the token for this blade is an Olaf figure which makes it all the more endearing. Winter is a beautiful time of year and it is the only time to see snow, having a keyblade designed with snowflakes and crystals is breathtaking.

6 Treasure Trove

Here is a keyblade that gets more extravagant with each upgrade. Derived from the movie Snow White, the Treasure Trove represents the gems mined by the seven dwarfs. A sweet dedication to the number seven, players can spot seven gems on the handguard.

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The very top of the keyblade is a pickax and this fact doesn't change no matter what stage this weapon is at. However, the more this blade is upgraded, the more extravagant it will become with the addition of more gems to the blade. Anyone can see why this keyblade made it onto this list.

5 Olympia

Even if you are not a Hercules fan, there is no denying the superior design of the Olympia keyblade. Olympia is truly a keyblade worthy of the gods and Olympus. There are different versions of this keyblade but the final version is a work of art. A look that inspires power and strength, the clouds and lightning bolts are striking. To top it all off, the inscription just throws that special element into the mix.

4 Moogle O' Glory

Moogles are an interesting range of characters that have been present in the Kingdom Hearts series for some time. These characters have an interesting appearance that makes it easy to spot them hence having their image on a keyblade makes a statement.

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The Moogle O'Glory genuinely looks like a dream. There are a lot of details that require closer inspection to make out but it is worth it, an example of this is the open chest. As the keyblade upgrades, a gamer will see how it continues to shine.

3 Hunny Spout

A keyblade adorned with honey pots from Winnie the Pooh, with one spouting honey and surrounded by bees at the very top. The handguard is a bit lackluster but the attention taken by the blade itself makes up for it. Overall, it has a very familiar feel to it while still giving off a sense of inspiration.

2 Grand Chef

The movie Ratatouille is a beloved Disney classic that many fans adore. Following the journey of Remy in his dream to become a chef in Paris, this keyblade is the perfect embodiment of that story. Grand Chef has the highest level of detail from the token to the icon at the very top that offers an interesting look into the details of the film.

1 Classic Tone

Wacky and wild, the Classic Tone will bring out the inner child of those who earn it. The blade resembles some sort of extendable toy with the handle being a collection of fun cogs. Fans of a certain cartoon mouse will also find a love for the icon on this weapon. However, what really draws attention to this keyblade is the cartoon glove holding a party horn with a unique addition of three horns. Players can enjoy the look of this keyblade will enjoying the fun attacks it offers. The fact that classic is in the name of this keyblade is no coincidence.

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