Returnal has seemingly had a random 6GB update to the developer version of the game, causing players to think that DLC could be on thew

This discovery comes courtesy of PlayStation Game Size, a reliable leaker who often has advanced knowledge of PlayStation update sizes, content hidden on the system, and games being added to the store soon.

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As reported by VGC, PlayStation Game Size pointed out that a 6GB update has been uploaded to Sony's servers, and seems to be specifically tied to a development version of Returnal. Upon spotting the update, they said, "New Update Released For Returnal Beta (Dev Version) +5 Month After Launch! New Update Increased ~6GB Beta Size. Maybe Test New Content/Feature".

The use of the development version of Returnal implies that whatever's been added to the game is some sort of significant update to the game, as otherwise, they'd likely just update the already existing version of the game. This has caused players to speculate that DLC or a big update is coming to Returnal in the near future. Nothing has been announced from Housemarque yet, but it seems unlikely that it would be finished with the game so soon.


By far the most requested feature to come to Returnal is the ability to save between runs, something which Housemarque previously said that it was looking into fixing. One of the biggest complaints levied against Returnal is that it doesn't allow for players to save their progress between attempts, making it impossible to complete without putting in a full runs worth of time. That can sometimes be more than three hours, which many fans said was unfair.

Considering Returnal launched nearly half a year ago now, many players thought that an update adding some sort of save functionality was long gone, but it could very well be what Housemarque is currently testing in the beta version of the game.

Other ideas include a new biome for Selene to travel through or the addition of new weapons. The save function is definitely the most enticing of those, although it seems natural that more content would come alongside it for players who have already finished the game.

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