The latest Borderlands 3 trailer showcases Amara the Siren, and she’s here to fight.

Gearbox has been stoking the hype train for the upcoming release of Borderlands 3 with a series of trailers that showcase each of the game’s four new vault hunters. First was Zane the Operative, the new assassin-like class, while the second was Moze and her brand new Iron Bear mech. She seems to most closely resemble the soldier-style class, although the rideable mech is completely new.

Now we get to see Amara up close and personal. As the new Siren, Amara has fantastic powers that allow her to project telekinetic versions of herself which usually manifest as giant fists. She uses those powers to great effect on her homeworld by cleaning up the streets of petty criminals.

The trailer starts off with Amara not even needing to lift a finger to stop a back alley mugging. Later while she’s walking down a red carpet, she catches wind of a bank robbery in progress and uses her powers to stop the criminals in their tracks. In the video you can see Amara use each of her action skills, which includes Phasegrasp, Phaseslam, and Phasecast.


But apparently it’s not enough to Amara. She’s so strong that few even bother attempting to fight back, leading her to search for more dangerous evil-doers to do battle with. In many ways, Amara’s story is pretty typical for a new vault hunter looking for danger and excitement, and there are quite a few parallels to be drawn with previous games’ characters.

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Amara’s tale is almost anticlimactic compared to Moze’s trailer. Betrayed on a Malian-held world by her Vladof overseers, Moze is the sole survivor thanks to her Iron Bear mech. She then strikes out alone with just Iron Bear to watch over her, but as Moze says: "When your BFF is a BFG, you don't need anyone else watching your back."

Borderlands 3 comes out September 13th on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and on PC for the Epic Games Store.

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