Fans were ecstatic when it was first announced that League of Legends: Wild Rift would be coming to mobile app stores. This game has a huge following on PC and many wonder how it will transfer over to a mobile device. There have been several changes that had to be made, but overall the concept and gameplay remain generally the same.

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However, fans of the franchise find their patience waning as they constantly research when this game will be released. Luckily, the answer has been revealed along with other important aspects like cost and details about the champions!

10 It's Made For Mobile Play

League of Legends: Wild Rift on mobile

People all over the world enjoy League of Legends on PC as it is free-to-play and runs decently even on most toasters. But this game is not a port of the traditional PC League of Legends. Rather, it is a new mobile version of the game.

Riot decided to keep mobile and PC users separate as they each encompass different styles of gameplay. The developers have even hinted at possible mobile-only legends to entice traditional players to try this game on for size.


9 It Will Be Free-To-Play

League of Legends: Wild Rift free-to-play

One of the biggest questions often asked with lateral game moves is how much will a game cost to play. Fortunately for fans,Wild Rift will be free just like its base game. But there are still several microtransactions for players to spend their money on.

One example of this is that champions can be freely unlocked simply by playing the game or you can purchase them if you want to give yourself a bit of an edge over the competition.

8 Same Ability System With A Different Layout

League of Legends: Wild Rift Gameplay

The ability system of the champions is basically the same, but the layout of it may appear to be a bit different. There are now buttons on the right side of your phone screen for you to press instead of the typical keys that you would hit to enact them.

The streamlined UI means that there is no searching or confusion (hopefully). Even if you have never played the game before, Wild Rift makes it very easy to understand especially if you watch some streamers before jumping in.

7 The Matches Are Shorter

League of Legends: Wild Rift end of match

One of the big plus sides to this mobile version is that the matches will be a lot shorter. Moreover, you can make it down your lane more quickly. This facet has a lot to do with phone battery as playing a single extensive game for an hour at a time will drain it quickly.

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However, current players know that some games on Summoner's Rift can drag on and on. Riot has cut down the match time and made it 15 to 18-minute matches to compensate for this platform's inadequacies.

6 The Map Is Slightly Smaller

League of Legends: Wild Rift Map

One of the changes that players notice is that the map is slightly smaller than that of the PC version, but no lanes were removed. This goes along with the idea of shorter games so you don't have to dedicate as much time to play a single game.

There is still the same number of turrets, so only the square footage was affected. It might throw PC players off at first since they are most used to the original map. In time and with practice, it will probably grow on you.

5 Current League Players Will Be Rewarded

League of Legends cover PC

A common question that is often asked by current League of Legends players is whether or not they can connect their PC and mobile accounts. The answer is both yes and no as you can connect them in the literal sense, but none of your stats or champions will crossover.

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It is quite a bummer for those who have put money into their PC account. But in reality, there is no way to connect them where it would be fair to all players. However, they are apparently giving PC players some sort of reward based on how many years they have been an active player.

4 There Will Be A Ranked Mode After Level 10

League of Legends: Wild Rift ranking

An aspect of the PC version that players love is the inclusion of ranks. Climbing the tiers each season gives them a goal to aspire to and fun rewards, too. Though the ranked system started with a mere five options, it has grown into almost double that.  Riot has consistently placed more and more importance on ranked play even adding incentives to rank up higher and higher.

The mobile ranked version will be set up pretty much the same way with the ranked play beginning after Level 10. More than likely, Wild Rift will also make use of the current ranking system as opposed to employing an old-school elo system.

3 Two New Champions Will Be Introduced Each Month

League of Legends: Wild Rift Champions

Every game needs to have a rollout plan at launch. The plan that the developers have set in place is to introduce two new champions to the game each month. This might seem like a steep order on top of fixing whatever bugs or issues come up in the mobile version.

But most of the champions will be transferred over from the PC version. All they have to do is rework some of their abilities and how they perform on mobile. Otherwise, they have the platform already premade for each champion with fan art to boot.

2 In-Game Experience Adjustments

League of Legends: Wild Rift semi-locked camera

The game has come a long way in its creation since its beta release in a few countries. One change Riot already made is to allow players to adjust their in-game experience. There are several options for camera controls with one being the semi-locked camera feature.

This makes it easier to pull off long-range skill-shots as it gives you a more advanced view. Current League of Legends players will be more than familiar with similar options available on PC.

1 It Will Release In North America In March 2021

League of Legends: Wild Rift Beta

Americans have been waiting for what feels like forever for the beta to finally be released in North America for mobile devices. They have heard tales from players in countries like Thailand, the Philippines, and Singapore about its greatness. Everyone has also seen plenty of videos, screenshots, and art for Wild Rift, as well.

Now, the time has finally come for them to experience it themselves (almost). The official release date has been set for March 2021 and fans of this franchise are hoping it isn't pushed at the last minute.

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