In perhaps the most shocking news of the year, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is getting a battle royale mode. Allegedly, of course. The report comes from a fairly credible source, although not one that's officially related to Modern Warfare developer Infinity Ward or publisher Activision. We technically have to classify it as a rumor, but let's be honest, a shooter game releasing in 2019 is going to have a battle royale mode.

The rumor comes courtesy of TheGamingRevolution, a YouTube channel that has a pretty stellar history with Call of Duty leaks. According to their source, Modern Warfare is definitely going to have a battle royale mode. It also seems that Infinity Ward is well aware of the potential battle royale fatigue that could set in by the time the game releases. To combat this, the dev team is experimenting with throwing in zombies to give their battle royale a unique flavor.

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It wasn't long before fan backlash broke out over the news. There's an obvious increasing interest in battle royale among the companies that produce games. The men in suits have been seeing the mind-blowing revenue that Fortnite brings in, and the way Apex Legends dominated conversations for a time. They want that for their games and, to gamers, it looks like they're willing to rush out a battle royale mode at the expense of everything else.

Call of Duty seems like an unnecessary cash-in to some fans. It signals that Activision may have pushed Infinity Ward to prioritize battle royale over Call of Duty staples like standard deathmatch and Zombies. These fans also probably feel that such a sacrifice isn't worth it, since they can just play Apex or Fortnite or Blackout or any other battle royale already on the market.


There is a ray of hope, however. TheGamingRevolution later tweeted that the source felt "quite bad" about the backlash. To compensate, they also revealed that the Pave Low is coming back as a kill streak, and that Gun Game and Infected are returning. Hopefully that will ease the minds of fans that were enraged at the thought of Modern Warfare having battle royale.

But let's face it, if Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launches on October 25th with a battle royale mode, most of us will at least try it out.

(Source: GameRant)

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