The characters from The Legend of Zelda series are undoubtedly a high point for every game in the franchise, and they are so for a lot of reasons. They have unique designs that match that Zelda "feeling" that is critical to capture, and they also have endearing or even compelling personalities that draw the fans to them. Every character has at least one way to make themselves stand out.

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With that in mind, every fan has to admit that certain characters gain an extra foothold in their hearts and memories because of one important reason: their sense of style. These are the characters who definitely know how to dress for the occasion of being part of an epic fantasy.

10 Yuga

Artwork of Yuga from A Link Between World

The sorcerer adviser to Princess Hilda and resident of Lorule, Yuga was a formidable enemy for Link and Zelda. He had the power to turn anyone he wished into a painting, and he secretly planned to combine his power with Ganon's to reshape the world to match his obsession with beauty.

It's easy to see Yuga's obsession with beauty by just looking at him. His ornate robes with their details and red and purple color scheme, along with his hairstyle, make it easy for anyone to recognize him, to say the least. Yuga only cared about the visually striking aspects of life, so he wasn't about to let his own fashion be lacking.


9 Nabooru

Screenshots of Nabooru Ocarina of Time

Nabooru was the second-in-command of the Gerudo and betrayed Ganondorf when she realized how corrupt he was. Unfortunately, her treachery was discovered and she was captured and brainwashed for seven years until Link rescued her. Once she was free, she learned of her destiny as the Sage of Spirit and vowed to help Link save Hyrule by continuing her fight with Ganondorf.

And she continued that fight in style. All Gerudo women wear beautiful outfits perfectly designed for desert life, but Nabooru stood out among the rest, fitting for her high place in their society. Nabooru wore more jewelry than her subordinates, and her white apparel gave her an even more distinct appearance.

8 Linebeck

Artwork of Linebeck Phantom Hourglass

Linebeck got swept up in Link's never-ending heroic destiny when he met the boy in the Temple of the Ocean King. Linebeck, at first, wanted to keep Link close because of the treasure that was sure to be found during Link's questing, but as they spent more time together, Link's brave nature started to have an effect on the captain, and he slowly but surely developed a more noble side.

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Befitting a captain of the high seas, Linebeck wore a signature outfit that reflected the love he had for his own exaggerated reputation. The blue and white colors of his clothes and trenchcoat paired with his bright red scarf made him one to always stand out in a room.

7 Ganondorf (The Wind Waker)

Screenshot of Ganondorf The Wind Waker

Ganondorf had been imprisoned in the Sacred Realm, but the prison could not hold him forever. He escaped that realm and returned to Hyrule to seek his revenge, which ultimately led to the goddesses' decision to flood Hyrule to imprison Ganondorf again and to keep him from ruling the land. That prison didn't hold long either though, and he escaped to the sea to begin a new plan to conquer the world.

Ganondorf had a new plan, and he also had a new wardrobe. No longer a warrior covered in armor, Ganondorf opted to wear a striking black robe with ornate, golden patterns. His style was almost empirical in nature and appropriate for the king Ganondorf saw himself as.

6 King Rhoam (Breath of the Wild)

Artwork and Screenshot of King Rhoam Breath of the Wild

Before the fall of Hyrule to the Great Calamity, though the kingdom was not as advanced as it once was, it still held a lot of splendor. The Hylians took pride in their history as the goddesses' people, and made their royal family the ultimate testament to that, with the King of Hyrule, King Rhoam, being the spearhead of that grandeur.

Almost an antithesis to the evil King Ganondorf, King Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule's regal fashion was vibrant and captivating to the Hylians. His blue and white outfit, laced with gold accents, made it clear to all that saw him that he was the true ruler of the land.

5 Prince Sidon

Though not as central as the royal family of Hyrule, the Zoras had their own hierarchy that ruled over their domain. At the top was King Dorephan, and next in line was Prince Sidon, the (relatively) young Zora who helped Link tame the raging Divine Beast Vah Ruta.

Though his style might be considered minimalist by some, thanks to the sparse amount of clothing that all Zoras typically wear, Sidon still wore enough to make him stand as a prince among Zoras. His decorated shoulder pads, belt, bracelets, and scarf conveyed his status as a prince with a refined demeanor who also knew how to fight and defend his people when need be.

4 Midna

Screenshot of Midna Twilight Princess

Once Link finally defeated Ganondorf, the bond between the dark lord and the impostor king, Zant, was severed. When this happened, the curse that Zant had placed on Midna was also severed. With the curse broken and with the help of the Light Spirits that protected Hyrule, Midna was able to regain her true form as the rightful princess of the Twilight Realm.

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As her true, royal self, Midna and her choice of clothing exuded her umbral, majestic nature. Her multi-piece outfit blended beautifully with her natural dark-and-gray skin patterns. Her clothes were not overly decorated or ornate, but they accentuated her gracefulness and beauty.

3 Zelda (Twilight Princess)

Artwork and screenshot of Princess Zelda Twilight Princess

Zelda was a princess caught in an impossible situation when the Twilight Realm invaded her peaceful land. With no hope of being able to find the Twilight monsters and their king, Zant, she surrendered her control for the sake of keeping her people alive. But while she did, she never gave up her dignity, which was shown by her astonishing beauty.

Her gorgeous white and purple dress, with her gold necklace, crown, shoulder pads, and embossing made her stand as a beacon to her people. When paired with her poise and grace, she easily stands as the most beautiful princess in Hyrule's history.

2 Fi

Artwork and screenshot of Fi Skyward Sword

In Skyward Sword, Fi was revealed to be the physical embodiment of a consciousness that lives within the Master Sword. Her purpose was to guide and protect Link as he embarked on his destiny.

She served her role well, and she also reflected this purpose through her appearance. She wore a top with long robe arms that had a split pattern of blue and purple. And her pant legs were laced with a green and dark blue diamond pattern. Together, they mimicked the design of the Master Sword, and her stoic and determined personality reflected the elegance of the finely crafted weapon.

Artwork of Link from Tri Force Heroes

When Link reached the kingdom of Hytopia during his travels across the world, the citizends recognized him as the hero of legend and begged him to help rid their land of an evil witch who cursed the kingdom's princess. Link agreed to help, and after picking from some of the fashion-forward kingdom's many available ensembles, ventured out to free the princess and Hytopia of their sorcerous assailant.

While in Hytopia, Link showed his unmatched flair for fashion by wearing dozens of different outfits that granted him special abilities. And no matter which one Link wore, the outfit seemed almost made for him. Thanks to his natural charisma, any design he chose to wear instantly became a fashion statement.

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