Mediatonic has officially released the mid-season update for Fall Guys, which introduces several new features and bug fixes, as well as something called “Lil Yeety.”

Fall Guys, which was released in February of this year and has seen massive success due to its popularity with streamers, had its season two launch in October after a very successful season one. It’s a wild mix of online multiplayer racing, team games, and battle royale style levels (the fan-favorite of which is Slime Climb, to many people’s surprise) whose goofy jelly bean-like characters have inspired tons of fanart. Needless to say, fans were thrilled to have more content to love in this wacky game.

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In the update, announced on Twitter on November 10, Mediatonic introduced a new level called Big Fans, which is made up of, would you believe, big fans you have to jump over as they spin while also dodging spinning poles and swinging rollers nicknamed “Lil Yeety." It features variations on existing levels and a new system for naming for PC players (a relief for many who were a little tired of going by names as generic as FallGuy2021).

The team also took fan feedback into account and reduced the chances of ending up in the least favorite rounds, including Tail Tag, and have fixed glitches that led to falling through the floor on certain levels. They’ve introduced a server region selector to reduce lag and have introduced the featured crown costumes of the previous seasons in the regular shop rotation.


Between the trolling comments proclaiming it as a “dead game” (despite its still more than 15,000 average concurrent players) were fans who were genuinely excited to have new content. Most expressed their excitement via memes and were ready to play this new level and the fun variations that came along with it.

Some players did take issue with the new naming system, claiming that it still didn’t give players enough control over their name and was instead just a different kind of randomization. There were also several people disappointed by the small amount of new content in this update, although this was addressed in a recent Reddit comment from the developers, who cited needing time to onboard all the new staff as the Mediatonic team grew. “We're investing a lot in growing the team,” says a developer with the username OliverAge24Artist, “and have huge plans for the game moving forward.”

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