Little Nightmares 2 main protagonist, Mono, is a little kid with a brown paper bag that he uses over his head to cover his face. This paper bag is iconic for the character, meaning that it's the object that makes him recognizable, very much like six's yellow raincoat.

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Not many fans know that you can collect different hats for Mono to wear throughout the game. There are 12 hats total. The first one, the Paper Bag Hat, will be the first hat you ever have, the one you start the game with. However, the 11 remaining ones will be scattered all over the Pale City, and they are easy to find. You might even be able to find one or two while playing the main storyline, but here's a detailed guide to help you find all of those elusive hats.

Hat #1: The Mokujin Mask

The Mokujin Mask promotional pic

This cute hat looks like a marshmallow made out of a tree, and it even has a little leaf growing on the top of the hat. According to the game's lore, the Mokujin Mask was carved from a 2000-year-old tree; however, it won't grant Mono any special and old power.

This hat was only available to those who pre-purchased the game.

Hat #2: Nomes' Hat

Nomes' Hat location

This pointy hat is an award the game gives you for completing The Nome's Attic DLC. For players who have that DLC installed, they'll find the hat in the attic during the game's first chapter.


Once you get to that place, you will have to explore around in order to retrieve a key. Afterward, a Nome will appear wearing the nome hat; all you have to do know is chase after it. However, this being a Little Nightmares game, you'll have to solve a light puzzle to get the hat.

Hat #3: Coonskin Cap

finding the coonskin cap

This traditional Native American headwear can be found inside the Hunter's house and is actually one of the first hats you can find during chapter 1. All you have to do to be able to use this hat is; go inside the house, exit the kitchen area and then head down into the room that's on the left.

You'll find the hat you're looking for in the middle of the room, lying on the floor.

Hat #4: Tourist Panama

Tourist Panama location

This yellow hat looks reminiscent of Six'x yellow raincoat; you'll find it in the game after Mono and Six escape the man that's shooting at them with a shotgun during chapter one.

After the two of you escaped the man, you'll have to go over a broken bridge; on the other side, there are cages hanging from the trees. To get the hat, you'll have to climb on the boxes against the tree and then jump over the cage hanging from the tree (the one on the far left), jump on it several times to get it to drop to the ground.

Hat #5: Postman Cap

Mono wearing the Postman Cap

This one can be yours once you reach chapter 4 of the game. After you have managed to escape from the hospital, you'll have to explore the city and find your way through it. Eventually, you'll reach a place full of packages. Knowing that this area is the Postman Cap location, this place may be a mailroom.

You'll see a gap in the floor, drop down and go to the left. You'll enter a hidden tunnel; inside is the Postman Cap.

Hat #6: Gatsby Cap

Gatsby Cap's location

Also in chapter 4 is the Gatsby hat, a cute brown cap that looks straight out of the TV show Peaky Blinders. You'll find this collectible when exploring the toy store in that chapter. Once inside, go to the right to find the shopping cart, then pull it to the far left until you can use it to climb on the shelves.

Walk over to the left; the hat will be on top of some packages. This one is a kind of difficult one to spot because the hat's color is very similar to the environment, so keep your eyes wide open.

Hat #7: Teddy Bear's Head

Teddy Bear's Head location

This is by far the creepiest hat in the game; maybe it is because the teddy bear is missing an eye or the fact that it looks sad. Still, Little Nightmares is a series known for its creepy imagery, so this hat fits the game's aesthetics.

You'll get a chance to obtain the teddy bear's head hat during chapter 3 after you escape the school and head inside the hospital. You'll find a room dedicated to entertaining children, as you can see by the drawings on the wall and the stuffed animals lying around. To get the hat, just climb the shelves on the right wall and grab the hat that's on the top.

Hat #8: Fedora

Mono wearing the Fedora

You don't need to do extra work to get this hat; you'll obtain it just by completing the game.

Hat #9: Tin Can

Tin Can's location

This peculiar hat is inside the school during the game's chapter 2. You'll find it while exploring the library; all you have to do is push the rolling ladder and move it until it reaches the shelf to the right. Then just hop on it and climb up to get the hat.

Hat #10: Ripped Ball

Ripped Ball's location

This one is a hat made of whatever remains from a sports ball; it's brown so that it could be an old-fashioned soccer ball. Anyway, you'll find this hat during chapter 2 in the school's playground; just head over to the school's door and from there jump to the dumpster, the hat will be on top of it.

Hat #11: Mummy Wrappings

Mummy wrappings hat location

During chapter 3, you'll find yourself inside a morgue; in this chilling place can find the mummy hat. All you have to do is open the storage containers, specifically the one on the bottom next to the table. Just open it, and inside will be the hat.

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