The dust is far from settling around Zack Snyder’s Justice League, as more plans from the director’s intended sequels come to light. Warner Bros. has put a cap on his SnyderVerse for now, which has prompted Snyder to reveal his early storyboard ideas for Justice League 2 and 3. One vision saw Superman and Lois Lane’s son become Batman in the third film, but the journey to this storyline is complicated. Be warned, there are major Justice League spoilers ahead. 

Justice League begins with Superman’s death at the hand of Doomsday, previously featured in Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The director has previously explained how Superman’s death scream woke the Mother Boxes - the powerful objects at the core of Justice League - and we also saw his resurrection made possible by The Flash’s time-splitting sprint.

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Justice League then concludes with a hint at Lois Lane’s pregnancy, and we assume that Superman’s human alter ego, Clark Kent, is the father. Even though Lois' pregnancy has been confirmed by Snyder, the director’s earlier vision had Bruce Wayne as the father, but that convoluted story was later scrapped in favor of Lois and Clark's growing relationship.

We know that Snyder originally planned a “five-part trilogy”, and one of those parts was going to introduce a DC soap opera of sorts - had the director voted to keep Bruce and Lois' surprising romance in the mix. As it turned out, it is unmistakably implied that the child is Lois and Clark’s, but Snyder also revealed to Vanity Fair that their child would go on to become the new Batman.

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“He doesn’t have any powers, and then he was going to end up being the new Batman,” Snyder confirmed, after stating at the start of Justice League’s production that a new Batman would take the mantle from Ben Affleck. Lois and Clark were meant to take their son, Bruce Kent, to the Batcave when he was older, asking him to don the cowl and continue Batman’s legacy - no pressure.

Snyder’s original plan to air Bruce and Lois' secret romance would have only happened in the Justice League’s alternate timeline. These parallel events were displayed in Justice League’s epilogue within Bruce’s ‘Knightmare’, and previously shown in Cyborg's vision. The alternate storyline would have played into Bruce's relationship with Lois, resulting in her death at the hand of Darkseid after he failed to protect her. This would consequently bring about a second battle between Batman and Superman, which was also set up during the epilogue.

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