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One of the best things about Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio's Yakuza and Judgment series is that there is always something to discover or some kind of secret you can unlock. Lost Judgment is no exception to this rule, offering more than one secret for players to try and solve.

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One of these is the secret gambling hall in Yokohama. You might notice the little minigame icon in the bottom right of the map, but if you try and go there you'll find the door is locked and you need a code to enter. Here's how to access it.

Updated on November 17, 2021: If you're having trouble finding the secret gambling hall in Yokohama, we've included a helpful video guide to show you exactly where you need to go and what you need to do.

Where Is The Secret Gambling Hall?

Lost Judgment secret gambling hall location

The Gambling Hall can be found on W Bayside St. in the bottom right corner of the Yokohama map, just south of the Girl's Bite taxi point. You have to run up the stairs to get to the door that leads into the building.

How To Find Out The Code For The Secret Gambling Hall

Lost Judgment listening to people discuss the secret gambling hall

To find out the code you need for the gambling hall, you need to overhear a conversation about it between two men. This particular conversation actually occurs in more than one location in Yokohama, we used the one Fukutoku park.

One man will be telling his friend about the gambling hall, but won't openly give him the code but won't give him it directly for fear of eavesdroppers. Instead, he offers this clue:

"Press 2 to the left, 2 up, 1 to the right, then down 3 times." before adding "The last number is 0."


Head over to the gambling hall and examine the pin pad on the door to enter the code.

Using 0 as the last digit, you can reverse the first part of the clue to work out the rest of the digits. For example, move three up from 0 to get the second to last digit and so on.

What Is The Code For The Secret Gambling Hall?

  • The pin password for the door is "7120".
Lost Judgment secret gambling hall pin

Of course, you don't actually need to go through all of the above if you don't want to. You can simply use the code we've given you to get access.

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