It looks like Amazon Mexico may have confirmed the release date for Luigi's Mansion 3. The upcoming Nintendo Switch title was unveiled back in September and brings Luigi to a haunted hotel this time around.

Luigi's Mansion 3 is going grander than its predecessor, though. Whereas Mario was previously the one who was captured, this time around Toad, Princess Peach, and Mario are all in danger thanks to King Boo. The game is also introducing a number of new elements.

Since it takes place in a hotel, different rooms can have various effects on one other. Luigi will also be utilizing Gooigi to solve puzzles, which also leads to co-op, as a second player can join in as Gooigi. The game will feature eight-player multiplayer in the form of ScareScraper mode. Because of all of this, Luigi's Mansion 3 could end up being the best-received game in the series when it releases later this year.

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According to Amazon Mexico (via ResetEra), Luigi's Mansion 3 is scheduled to ship on October 4, 2019. Early website ship dates are not always accurate, but they can be. Since October is a month best known for being spooky, it would seemingly be a perfect time to release the game.


One thing to keep in mind, though, is is that the release date was simply "2019" when the game was announced. The date was still "2019" last month during Nintendo's E3 presentation. However, in Nintendo's YouTube description, the release date reads "holiday 2019." So, an October release might be stretching the "holiday" date - unless Nintendo is counting Halloween. If October 4 is actually the release date, hopefully, Nintendo makes this official soon.

Although a Luigi's Mansion title isn't as popular as a new Mario or The Legend of Zelda game, the series has many fans. The original Luigi's Mansion was a launch title for the Nintendo GameCube back in 2001. Fans have plenty of nostalgia about when Luigi investigated spooky corridors or used the Poltergust on unfortunate ghosts. The games have also given fans King Boo, the most sinister Mario antagonist. Now, with so many Switch owners, there's a likely chance that Luigi's Mansion 3 will end up being the most successful in the series.

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