With the 2020 NFL regular season coming to a close, fans are either gearing up for a playoff run or dreaming about who their team is taking in the next NFL draft. Madden is the only triple-A NFL game on the market these days.

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Among the numerous points of criticism the franchise receives, the player overalls are one of the most common points of contention. Fans are opinionated and will let developers know when their team is being disrespected. Let's now look at reasons the roster in Madden 21 is completely wrong, and a few things they nailed with it.

10 Wrong: Roquan Smith Isn't Top 3

roquan smith

It seems as though Roquan Smith can't seem to catch a break in 2020. He recently had to deal with the fact that he was a 2020 NFL Pro Bowl snub despite being Top 3 in almost every major statistical category for inside linebackers. In his 3rd year out of the University of Georgia, he has come into his own as one of the premier middle linebackers in the league. When Madden 22 arrives towards the end of 2021 things might change, but for the time being it makes no sense why Smith would be sitting with an overall of 86, 8th among middle linebackers, in Madden 21.


9 Nailed: Ben Roethlisberger Isn't Elite

ben roethlisberger

Despite starting the season at 11-0 it was clear that the Pittsburgh Steelers had much more problems than their record led people to believe. Not only could the team not effectively run the ball, even in moments where it was needed the most, but Ben Roethlisberger was no longer the same guy. In 2020 Big Ben is a quarterback that struggles to stretch the ball downfield and is unwilling to take the risks he once did. As his career comes to a close he's much more of a game manager type, than he is an elite gunslinger.

8 Wrong: David Montgomery's Place Among RBs

david montgomery

If someone said David Montgomery wasn't a Top 20 running back in the NFL they'd likely get laughed out of the room. The last 5 weeks of the 2020 NFL regular season have proved he has a case for being considered Top 10, but at worst he lands somewhere in the Top 15.

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Madden 21 currently has Montgomery listed as the 22nd best running back in the league in terms of overall. Players ahead of him in the game include Kenyan Drake, Phillip Lindsay, Marlon Mack, Raheem Mostert, James Robinson, and Ezekiel Elliott.

7 Nailed: Saquon Barkley Needs To Prove Himself

saqoun barkley

The NFL, like most other sports leagues, has this issue where casual fans carry opinions long after they remain valid. Saquon Barkley is a very talented running back who's coming off a string of unlucky breaks when it comes to injuries. This means he's going to have to once again prove to the league he's an elite running back. His 89 overall isn't disrespectful, because he no longer has the case as a Top 5 guy at the position regardless of what uninformed or biased fans have to say on the internet. Will he come back better than ever in 2021? Only time will tell.

6 Wrong: Thomas Near Diggs

stefon diggs michael thomas

Michael Thomas is currently set to have one of his worst years as a professional thanks partially to injury woes as well as some actions deemed detrimental to the team. He has a chance to return from injured reserve come playoff time, but that doesn't change the fact that he was a non-factor during the 2020 NFL season. Stefon Diggs on the other hand is breaking every receiving record in the Buffalo Bills storied history, yet somehow is only one point higher than a guy who has been labeled as a catcher of slant route passes.

5 Nailed: Allen Robinson Is A Top 10 WR

allen robinson

Allen Robinson, despite playing with sub-par quarterbacks through his entire career, has managed to post numerous 1,000 receiving yard seasons hauling in close to 100 catches. He may not be the flashy or personality-driven wideouts the NFL is used to shining a light on, but he simply produces. It's unclear whether he will stay in Chicago as a member of the Bears beyond the 2020 season. Someone that's crystal clear however is that his overall of 90 in Madden 21 is more than justified, and arguably a tad low based on his production.

4 Wrong: Tom Brady's Overall Is Higher Than Josh Allen's

josh allen tom brady

Is Tom Brady playing well in 2020? One could argue he's played great against bad defenses and struggled at times against formidable ones. Whether someone is a Brady fan or not, it's hard to look at the MVP-like season Josh Allen is posting in Buffalo and not think the guy is deserving of an overall in the mid-90s.

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Allen's overall in Madden 21 is currently an 87, which places him 7 overall points lower than Brady. In a year in which Allen fixed his accuracy issues and is leading his team to a #2 seed in the AFC, the Wyoming product deserves more respect.

3 Nailed: NFL's Top 3 Tight Ends

darren waller travis kelce george kittle

Those who played fantasy football in 2020 understand how poor the tight end position was in terms of production on offenses around the NFL. It's unclear if this was due to the situation regarding the pandemic, or simply that offenses shifted their priority. One thing is clear though and that's that the Top 3 players at the position in the NFL are pretty unanimous at this point. Madden 21 understands this and ranks Travis Kelce, George Kittle, and Darren Waller in that order as the three best, and it's hard to argue with that based on production and track record.

2 Wrong: Aaron Rodgers Too Low

aaron rodgers

Aaron Rodgers, quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, is currently the favorite to win the 2020 NFL MVP award. He's having one of the best seasons of his storied career and is showing he has plenty of years left in the tank. This is why his overall of 95 in Madden 21 is so frustrating. Not only is he not one of the two highest-rated quarterbacks in the game, but he's not even one of the two highest-rated players on his team. Those in charge of the overalls better be prepared to elevated Rodgers once he has that award in hand.

1 Nailed: Drew Brees Is No Longer Top 5

drew brees

As tough as it is to come to terms with for New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees fans, he no longer is one of the 5 best quarterbacks in the NFL. With both his age and deteriorating arm it's getting to the point where he may no longer be in the Top 10 if he comes back in 2021. Rumors are swirling that he's set to retire following the conclusion of the 2020 NFL Playoffs, so it's likely his 89 overall will be the last one we see for him as an active player in the NFL. People shouldn't cry because it's coming to an end, but rather celebrate that he dominated for so long.

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