The release of Core Set 2020 for both Magic: The Gathering and Magic: The Gathering Arena has arrived, and with it comes a whole collection of powerful new cards to play with. From imposing creatures to formidable spells, the Core Set is full of favorites both new and old for players to explore.

One of the card types unique to Magic is the Planeswalker - cards that are placed onto the battlefield with dominating abilities, and that can be attacked directly with creatures in the same way that the players themselves are. These cards were introduced to Magic a while ago, and the game now boasts a huge variety of them. Let's now take a look at the 10 coolest brand new Planeswalker coming out of Core Set 2020.

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10 Mu Yanling, Sky Dancer

Let's kick things off with Mu Yanling, Sky Dancer. This blue Planeswalker enters the battlefield with only two loyalty counters, so she can't do too much right off the bat. She has a +2 ability that gives a creature -2/-0 and makes it lose flying for a turn, meaning that she can protect herself from threats. Her -3 creates a 4/4 bird with flying, which should also come in handy when protecting her as you build to her powerful -8 ability, which gains you an emblem that makes all Islands you control tap to draw a card.

Mu Yanling is one of the weaker Planeswalker cards from the set, as her low initial loyalty and high cost ultimate mean that it will take a while before she becomes a serious threat. She's also easier to destroy because of this, although that -8 is sure to make her a tempting card to include in any mono-blue deck.


9 Vivien, Arkbow Ranger

Vivien, Arkbow Ranger is our next entry, with a set of powers focused on supporting your creatures and enters with sizable four loyalty counters. Her +1 allows you to distribute two +1/+1 counters among up to two creatures and then gives them trample until end of turn. Her -3 ability can be used if a more immediate threat needs handling, as it causes a creature you control to deal damage equal to its power to target creature or Planeswalker. Finally, her -5 lets you select a creature card you own from outside the game, reveal it, and then place it into your hand.

This copy of Vivien seems to be very centered around strengthening your creatures (which makes sense, as she's a green Planeswalker and strong creatures is green's whole deal). Like other versions of Vivien, she also gives you access to creatures in an unconventional way, whether that's by exiling cards from your library or grabbing them from outside the game entirely. Either way, Vivien is going to be a useful Planeswalker to have on your side.

8 Chandra, Novice Pyromancer

Many of the cards in Core Set 2020 are focused on the life story of Planeswalker Chandra Nalaar. As such, it's no surprise that a whopping four total Planeswalkers from the set are some version of Chandra. Chandra, Novice Pyromancer, enters the battlefield with five loyalty counters and has a +1 ability that gives any elemental creatures you control +2/+0 until end of turn. Her -1 adds two red mana to your mana pool, letting you ramp up to stronger and more threatening cards, and she has a -2 that can deal two damage to any target, effectively giving you a repeatable Shock.

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This particular copy of Chandra is more a utility Planeswalker. She will, obviously, work best in an Elemental deck, but that's not to say that other red builds can't find a use for her, especially with her repeatable damage and mana ramping.

7 Vivien, Nature's Avenger


Vivien, Nature's Avenger is another green Vivien Planeswalker from Core Set 2020 that focuses on helping you find, play, and strengthen creatures. She enters with three loyalty counters and her +1 lets you put three +1/+1 counters on up to one target creature. She also has a handy -1 that sees you looking through the top cards of your library until you reveal a creature card that then goes into your hand. Her -6, however, is the game-winner as it gives a creature +10/+10 and trample till end of turn.

Like the other Vivien on this list, Vivien, Nature's Avenger is a creature support Planeswalker with a powerful final ability. By the time you activate it, you'll have used her +1 at least three times, meaning that you've already got a dangerous threat that will be made even more intimidating.

6 Ajani, Inspiring Leader


White has always been the color of lifegain, and Ajani, Inspiring Leader follows that tradition. He enters with five loyalty and his +1 gains you two life, then lets you put two +1/+1 counters on up to one target creature. His -3 is more focused on white's powerful removal, as it lets you exile a creature, then its controller gains two life. Finally, Ajani has a -10 that gives creatures you control flying and double strike until end of turn.

This version of Ajani has several useful tricks up its sleeve, as it synergizes nicely with both creatures that appreciate lifegain and creatures that want +1/+1 counters. His -3 can be handy to deal with threats your opponent plays, and the ultimate -10 can be a game ender as it effectively doubles the power of your creatures and gives them the evasive power of flying.

5 Chandra, Acolyte Of Flame

Another Chandra Planeswalker following the set's theme, Chandra, Acolyte of Flame enters the battlefield with four loyalty counters and has no abilities that give her more. However, she makes up for this with two solid powers that don't spend any loyalty. The first puts a loyalty counter on each other red Planeswalker you control. The second gives players two 1/1 elemental creature tokens with haste that are then sacrificed at end of turn. To top that off, she also has a -2 ability that lets you play a spell with mana cost 3 or less from your graveyard.

This Chandra has several uses, mostly to support other creatures or Planeswalkers. In a Planeswalker-centric deck, her first ability can help accelerate the rate at which the other Planeswalkers work up to their ultimate abilities. In an elemental deck, her second ability synergizes well with anything that likes elementals entering the battlefield. Finally, her -2 can be used to recycle any number of handy spells to deal with your opponent's board.

4 Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord

Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord, is a vampire from the plane of Innistrad whose abilities, naturally, help you power up and play vampires. He enters the battlefield with four loyalty counters and he has two +1 abilities. The first gives a creature you control deathtouch and lifelink until the end of the turn, and puts a +1/+1 counter on it if it's a vampire. The second lets you sacrifice a vampire and, if you do, deals three damage to any target, then gains you three life. Finally, his -3 ability lets you put a vampire creature card from your hand onto the battlefield without paying its casting cost.

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It should go without saying that Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord fits right at home in a vampire deck. While his powers here aren't as flashy or impressive as some of the other Planeswalkers on this list, they can help you quickly develop your vampire army to overrun your foes.

3 Chandra, Flame's Fury


Another Chandra Planeswalker (what a surprise!), Chandra, Flame's Fury enters the battlefield with four loyalty counters. Her +1 ability is basically a repeatable Shock, dealing two damage to any target. Her -2 lets you deal four damage to target creature, and then 2 damage to that creature's controller. Her ultimate -8 ability is a formidable threat, as it deals 10 damage to a player, then deals 10 damage to each creature that player controls.

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This Chandra Planeswalker combines both incremental, utility plays with game ending power. Her first two abilities can let players keep a handle on their opponent's board state while building to a devastating finale.

2 Ajani, Strength Of The Pride


Ajani, Strength of the Pride, is another white Ajani Planeswalker that is based around gaining life. He enters with five loyalty counters, and his +1 ability makes you gain life equal to the number of creatures you control plus the number of planeswalkers you control. His -2 gives you a 2/2 token cat creature named "Ajani's Pridemate" that gets a +1/+1 counter whenever you gain life. Then, his final ability, which costs no loyalty counters, exiles Ajani and all creatures and artifacts your opponents control if you have at least 15 more life than your starting life total.

This version of Ajani is much more focused on a lifegain synergy with other creatures, as his +1 gives you life, his -2 gives you a creature that grows stronger as you gain life, and his final power can instantly wipe an opponent's board. This Planeswalker will fit right at home in any deck that is centered around gaining players an absurd amount of life.

1 Chandra, Awakened Inferno

Our final Planeswalker on the list is another Chandra, which is perhaps something we should have seen coming. Chandra, Awakened Inferno is a Planeswalker spell that can't be countered, meaning that she will absolutely enter the battlefield when played. She starts with six loyalty counters, and her +2 gives each opponent an emblem that deals one damage to them at the beginning of their upkeep. Her -3 deals three damage to all non-elemental creatures. Finally, she has a -X ability, allows you to pay any amount of loyalty counters in order to deal that much damage to a creature or Planeswalker, then exile it if it dies this turn.

The true star of the Planeswalker is her first ability, which can see players giving their opponents multiple emblems, each of which will deal damage to them every turn, effectively putting the game on a clock. Her -3 and -X abilities are then useful for eliminating any other potential threats your foes play, destroying any chance they have at defeating this master of pyromancy.

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