A Manchester gamer has created a free-to-play video game set in the city's iconic nightclub 42s, located at 2 Bootle Street. Visual effects artist Greg Foster has spared no detail in recreating the legendary hotspot, from the neon-stripes along the tunnel to the posters lining the stairs.

Foster, who also works on film and TV, wanted to provide clubbers with an alternative during the coronavirus lockdown. 42nd Street, also known as 42s, has been part of city's club scene since it was purchased in the 1960s by Manchester United legend George Best.

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The Machester club scene gained popularity in the 1980s and 1990s after local groups like New Order, The Smiths, The Stone Roses, the Happy Mondays, Inspiral Carpets, 808 State, James, The Charlatans and Oasis became famous. The Madchester period was immortalized in the film 24 Hour Party People.

A trailer for the game, with music provided by Primal Scream's Loaded, features the new virtual version of the club. Fans will no doubt recognize the disco lights and coolers packed with cans of Red Stripe and Foster’s.


The game will be released as a free-to-play video game online after Foster reaches 1000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. The designer has yet to reveal what the game will entail, but players will inevitably be assigned with tasks and encouraged to have a few drinks.

The game will also include a virtual jukebox that plays classic Manchester tunes thanks to 42s Records. Foster says the game will be simple yet fun. He hopes it appeals to locals as well as fans of the Manchester club scene.

"I want to give the sense of sticky floors. Anything can go down in 42s, no one's ever judging - it's just all good,” Foster tells the Manchester Evening News. "The whole landscape will be interactive, so you'll be able to play around and find all these references to Manchester.”

Foster says that although he’s enjoyed creating the missions, getting the design just right has been difficult. He’s had to translate the club’s dimensions into a perspective that made sense. What began as a small personal project during the lockdown, has led to numerous job offers.

You can see the trailer and subscribe to Foster's YouTube channel here.

Source: Manchester Evening News

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