Pinball FX3 developer Zen Studios has announced that a Mandalorian-themed table is in production for the pinball simulation game. A reveal trailer - featuring the Child - pegged its launch to arrive in Spring 2021.

The hit Disney + show The Mandalorian just delivered its second season on October 30, with a commissioned third season to put some wind behind the Razer Crest. Mando has certainly won Star Wars fans over as the next-gen bounty hunter, who’s now being honored in retro gaming style. Zen Studios brought the classic arcade pastime onto current-gen consoles with Pinball FX3 in 2017 - the sequel to Zen Pinball 2 and Pinball FX2 - and has added plenty of Star Wars-themed tables before.

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The Mandalorian table will be the developer’s 20th Star Wars pinball table, and will showcase various missions the titular bounty hunter encountered in the show’s first season. The table will be located in the Razer Crest’s (Mando’s ship) cargo hold, and players will play the table from Mando’s POV. A handful of 3D characters and items will accompany The Mandalorian, including the IG-11, the Razor Crest, Moff Gideon’s TIE fighter, the AT-ST (featured in the show's fourth episode), and Baby Yoda. Zen Studios’ trailer showed the Child popping up into the pinball machine before viewers were blinded by Mando’s flamethrower.


Zen Studios previously released Star Wars Pinball in 2013, which debuted with three tables based on The Empire Strikes Back and The Clone Wars. What began with the franchises’ iconic characters - including Luke and Anakin Skywalker - expanded to include the space opera’s current characters, such as Kylo Ren and Rey. Star Wars Pinball has received glowing reviews over the years, and stands as a separate entry to Zen Studios’ independent Pinball series.

Alongside his debut in pinball, Mando also featured his Beskar armor design on an Xbox Wireless Controller recently, which is an attractive display piece with a high bounty on its head. The nostalgia of pinball still continues to flourish within retro gamers, with classics like Pokemon Pinball, and more recently, a fun mechanic in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Demand is still around for pinball, and fans have shown nothing but praise towards Mando’s table that should release well before the bounty hunter’s third adventure comes around.

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