We are almost at the end of the month, and that means it's time for new games! All Amazon Prime subscribers will have a sublime selection of games to download starting March 1, including Blasphemous, Tengami, SkyDrift, Boomerang Fu, and Bomber Crew: Deluxe Edition.

We'll start with Blasphemous, a metroidvania game along the same lines as Dead Cells, but darker. WAY darker. We're talking grimdark to the extreme. There's blood, guts, gore, impaling monstrous humanoid enemies through the skull and waving 'em around like a flag at NASCAR race, and bosses so huge that they literally take up the entire screen.

If you're looking for something other than Dead Cells that steps way further into gothic horror, then Blasphemous is your game.

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Next up is something the complete opposite of Blasphemous. Tengami is a puzzle/adventure game where you jaunt across a pop-up book version of ancient Japan. Each level is filled with calming and culturally appropriate music as you try to figure out how to fold your way to the next page.

Next is SkyDrift, an older title from Digital Reality. It's a flight combat air racing game, which is a lot like modern air racing except you get to shoot down your opponents. There are eight planes to try, eight contestants to fry, and three racing modes that'll take you to the sky in three different ways.

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Boomerang Fu is a party fighting game where you play as a random food item armed with a boomerang. That might sound pretty dumb, but it's honestly a fun little game. You run around as a milk carton trying to kill a watermelon with a boomerang while avoiding giant traps and acquiring crazy power-ups. What's not to love?


And finally, we arrive at Bomber Crew, the strategy/management game where you play as the crew of a WW2 bomber. Command your crew to fend off incoming enemy fighters, put out fires, repair landing gear, and generally try to keep a 12-ton tub in the air long enough to drop bombs and then waddle its way home.

If none of these games appeals, you can still pick up almost every SNK game ever made until the end of March. Blasphemous, Tengami, SkyDrift, Boomerang Fu, and Bomber Crew: Deluxe Edition are all available to download from Amazon starting March 1.

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