Spider-Man will swing onto Marvel's Avengers on PS4 and PS5 in 2021, but we don't think the web-slinger will be sticking around.

Marvel's Avengers has now been out for more than a week. Chances are many of you reading this will already be waist-deep in everything the game has to offer. Best of all, there is so much more to come. Not only the things we have been told but also other details that are yet to be revealed. We have been promised a lot of DLC, and we already can't wait to see it.

As exciting as almost all of that DLC will be, the promise of Spider-Man being added to the game in 2021 has caused quite a bit of controversy. That's because Spidey will be a PlayStation exclusive. Not cool. The web-slinger will have his own self-contained story arc due to the fact he can't be a part of the game's main ongoing story since he will be absent on the Xbox, Stadia, and PC versions.

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When Square Enix says Spider-Man's story arc will be self-contained, we tend to think it means that in every sense of the word. To the point that at the end of it, Spidey will meet his demise. The game's creative director Shaun Escayg was the first person to put that thought into our heads.

"The villains that support that will kind of speak to how he belongs in this world and how long he lives in this world," Escayg told Wccftech when discussing the Spidey deal. Escayg implies that the Spider-Man story arc will fit neatly in between A-Day and the present, neatly explaining why he doesn't show up elsewhere and negating the need for him to ever show his face on another platform.


There are a lot of issues with this theory, we know. PS players will be expecting Spider-Man to become a character they can use on other missions once his story arc is complete. However, perhaps Square Enix is trying to avoid that at all costs. Killing Spidey off ties up any loose ends, and leaves the possibility of cross-platform play open for the future. The thing is, will you be able to deal with another on-screen Spider-Man death, except unlike Infinity War, there's is no hope of him ever returning? If not, it's probably time to buy an Xbox.

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