Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has fans excited to hop back into the sci-fi trilogy millions fell in love with more than a decade ago. Despite Mass Effect being much stronger in terms of role-playing mechanics than gun-based combat, it still featured good weapon variety and offered options throughout the adventure.

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Assault rifles are arguably the most used weapon type in the series, but the weapons in Mass Effect 1 are generally not great. As will be clear in this article, even the best assault rifles in the game are average at best. This leads to the weapon type being rather top-heavy in terms of usefulness and premier effectiveness.

10 Raptor X

Mass Effect 1 Devlon Industries

With a name like Raptor, the assault rifles from Devlon Industries should pack a major punch. That couldn't be farther from the truth, with the Raptor X posting a damage output of 336 alongside a 42 rating when looking at its accuracy. It's best if players avoid these assault rifles and either put effort into looking for a better line or simply using a different weapon type.

Raptors are known for working in groups, so maybe something special happens when the whole squad is equipped with one. Spoiler alert: nothing happens and the guns are just mediocre, but a Spectre in need of an assault rifle won't argue with its ability.


9 Tsunami X

Mass Effect 1 Ariake Technologies

Tsunamis are considered one of the more terrifying natural disasters, as large amounts of water descend onto land. The only thing Ariake Technologies' line of assault rifles has in common with real tsunamis is that they're just as uncontrollable and unpredictable.

No assault rifle with an accuracy rating of 36 is going to hit a target unless its user is standing right in front of them. With its 288 damage output players wielding the Tsunami X will need to adapt their combat approach and play at a closer range in order to get the most out of it.

8 Torrent X

Mass Effect 1Jorganmund Technology

This entry may not be relevant for those who don't have access to console commands. The Torrent line of assault rifles from Jormangund Technology can't be acquired through normal gameplay means and require a bit of effort on the player's end.

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That effort isn't worth it when looking at the Torrent X as its damage output of 288 is fine, but not good enough to justify its existence alongside its accuracy rating of 61. At the very least, it allows players to shoot a little over 80 times before the weapon overheats. This means that players with good user-controlled accuracy can turn the Torrent X into a solid tool for killing Geth and Reapers.

7 Thunder X

Mass Effect 1 Haliat Armory

The Turians, in terms of the alien races featured in Mass Effect, are one of the more formidable forces in terms of military power. Haliat Armory is a Turian weapons manufacturer and their line of assault rifles goes by the label Thunder.

Since it has a model from I to X, it's a gun that players will run into throughout their time in the game. To get the most out of it, the Thunder X should be used at close range considering its accuracy rating is 30. By only engaging near enemies, this weakness can be overcome and its 312 damage output can be utilized, making it live up to its powerful name.

6 Crossfire X

Mass Effect 1 Armax Arsenal

Crossfire X is not only the name of a new next-generation Xbox Series X|S first-person shooter exclusive, but it also happens to be the name of the sixth-best assault rifle in the first Mass Effect game. The manufacturer of this line of assault rifles is Armax Arsenal, and the Crossfire line starts at VII, meaning it's a mid-to-late game acquisition.

Like the Breaker X, which will be discussed in a later entry, the Crossfire X's 312 doesn't mean much when its accuracy rating is a 57. That's not great, but for those keen on assault rifles, there may be a workaround of simply not using it at long-range during combat. Turn a negative into a positive and make use of this effective rifle at a short range for the best results.

5 Pulse Rifle X

Mass Effect 1 Geth Armory

Some of the Geth weapons belonging to the Geth Armory are only usable through console commands, but luckily their assault rifles can be acquired naturally in the game. The Pulse Rifle collection of assault rifles starts at Pulse Rifle VII and goes all the way up to X.

In terms of stats, the Pulse Rifle X has a damage output of 322 and pairs that with a solid accuracy rating of 81 which makes this thing deadly at practically all ranges of engagement. It also feels satisfying using an enemy's weapons against them in the heat of battle.

4 Breaker X

Mass Effect 1 Kassa Fabrication

The Breaker assault rifle line made by Kassa Fabrication has the lesser of two assault rifles with a damage output of 336. In terms of flaws, the Breaker X severely limits the player when it comes to its accuracy rating of 53.

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With a weapon that shoots at high velocities for an extended period, the lower accuracy rating makes this gun feel unusable for some players. It's a real shame considering how good the other aspects of this assault rifle are in comparison to others in its weapon type.

3 Gorgon X

Mass Effect 1 Cerberus Skunkworks

Coming in as the third-best assault rifle in the first Mass Effect game is the Gorgon X. This line of assault rifles are made by Cerberus Skunkworks, a manufacturer whose naming conventions for both itself and the weapons it produces seems to be centered on Greek mythology.

Sadly the only way players can try out the Gorgon X is through console commands. That's the only way to see how good the 336 damage and accuracy rating of 77 feel in real-time. Without those console commands, players will only have their imaginations to work with.

2 Kovalyov X

Mass Effect 1 Rosenkov Materials

Rosekov Materials, the seemingly Russian-inspired gun manufacturer known for making stellar shotguns, also comes in with the second-best assault rifle Commander Shepard can wield. Their line of assault rifles are called Kovalyov, with the Kovalyov X being the best.

This line only runs from VII to X, which means players will only encounter the Kovalyov line of assault rifles in the middle to late stages of the game. With the Kovalyov X in hand, players will feel the 360 damage, but also the terrible accuracy rating of 50, which is horrendously low.

1 HMWA Master X

Mass Effect 1 Spectre Logo Gear

Like with all other weapon types, the HMW Master line of assault rifles, exclusive to Spectres, is the best in its class. The specific label for assault rifles is HMWA with the HMWA Master X being the single best assault rifle in the entirety of the first Mass Effect game. Only the HMWA VII and X can be acquired in the game, with the others being relegated to console commands.

Its stat line consists of a damage output of 384, an accuracy rating of 77, and it shooting 77.3 shots before overheating. It's easy to see why this gun is only given to the galaxy's most lethal and capable individuals.

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