Out of all the games in the original trilogy, it's easy to admit that Mass Effect 2 stands a cut above the rest of the pack due to its brilliant combat overhaul, amazing story, and a finale so memorable that it has been etched in the minds of players years after they finished playing the original game.

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A big part of this journey is obviously the ship that Shepard and their crew use to travel around the Galaxy — the Normandy SR-2. Players will spend a ton of time roaming around the game with this ship, and it goes without saying that one would want the Normandy to be kitted out with as many upgrades as possible in order to make the journey across the galaxy a pleasant one... while also ensuring that lives aren't lost near the finale of the game.

Keeping this in mind, here are all the upgrades of the Normandy, ranked on the basis of how useful they can prove to be.

7 Med-Bay Upgrade

Mass Effect 2 Screenshot of Renegade Shepard Holding SMG

Easily the most shallow and useless upgrade in the entire game, the Med-Bay Upgrade has the sole cosmetic function of removing all of Shepard's scars that they received after having their face reconstructed. These scars don't really hamper the gameplay at all — most people might argue that it enhances the look of the main character — and they even fade away naturally as you accrue more Paragon points.

The only reason why you might ever want to go for this upgrade is if you're pursuing a Renegade playthrough, which accentuates the scars on their face and make them quite noticeable. However, even then, one can't really justify spending a whopping 50,000 units of Platinum in order to secure this rather pointless upgrade to the Normandy... especially when more valuable things can be bought.


6 Extended Fuel Cells

Mass Effect 2 fuel depots

Roaming around the galaxy in Mass Effect 2 isn't as straightforward as it used to be in the previous game — instead, players need to keep their fuel reserves high at all times in order to ensure that they don't end up using their valuable resources instead, which end up being used when the ship runs out of fuel.

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However, while the idea of having extended fuel cells might seem like a rather useful upgrade, one has to admit that many will rarely reach low fuel levels in the first place unless they neglect this counter altogether. Fuel depots can be encountered quite frequently throughout the galaxy, and diligent players would obviously keep their fuel levels in mind whenever they decide to go on a lengthy space expedition regardless.

5 Advanced Mineral Scanner

Mass Effect 2 planet scan

The act of scanning planets in Mass Effect 2 can become quite cumbersome over time, mainly due to the fact that having to go to each and every planet and sending waves upon waves of probes to gather resources can get really old really quick. This is especially grating during the early stages, when the slow speed of the scanner meant you have to wait for ages to scour and take as many resources as possible.

Thankfully, there's a way to upgrade this scanner so that it moves around faster — with the Advanced Mineral Scanner, you can now push your scanner all over the map with relative ease. It doesn't take an expert to state that this would prove to be a huge help... although it would be rather incomplete without the following upgrade as well.

4 Modular Probe Bay

modular probe bay

The last thing that many want to suffer through in Mass Effect 2 is making the painstaking journey of exploring a galaxy in order to get resources... only for their probes to run out midway through their expedition. This is a situation that will occur quite frequently during the initial stages of the game when a new player is still getting a feel of this resource-gathering system.

Thankfully, there's a way to make this scarcity of probes a thing of the past — all you need to do is invest a total of 15,000 Iridium in order to unlock the Modular Probe Bay, which increases the probe capacity of the Normandy by 100%. It's an absolute peach of an upgrade that makes future treks through the galaxy all the more refreshing.

3 Heavy Ship Armor

Suicide Mission in Mass Effect 2

One of the three upgrades crucial to ensure that the crew doesn't suffer any major losses during the Suicide Mission, the Heavy Ship Armor upgrade pretty much ensures that going through the Omega 4 Relay won't result in Jack's untimely demise — something that most players would prefer to avoid.

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This idea to use Silaris armor to upgrade the ship is suggested by Jacob and should be taken care of as soon as you amass 15,000 units of Palladium. Heading to the final battle without this upgrade is pretty much a recipe for disaster.

2 Multicore Shielding

Suicide Mission from Mass Effect 2

Another upgrade that helps you avoid a needless casualty in Mass Effect 2's final mission is Multicore Shielding, which serves as a high-power kinetic barrier powered by Cyclonic Barrier Technology that would help the Normandy handle the aftereffects of any major blasts without facing too many problems in the process.

Of course, you don't need to focus on this description — rather, you should be made well aware of the fact that neglecting this upgrade will lead to the death of one party member on the ship, which can prove to have devastating consequences if you want the happiest ending possible.

1 Thanix Cannon

Mass Effect 2's Suicide Mission

The third and final upgrade that you need to secure in order to ensure that your journey through the Omega 4 Relay is as smooth as it possibly can be, the Thanix Cannon is supposedly a powerful weapon that would serve as the main gun of the Normandy once it's unlocked... although most players would never really get the opportunity to use it in-game.

The only time this upgrade is useful is when players are storming the Collector Base. Without the added firepower from this cannon, players can expect a rather damaging — and completely avoidable — death of a teammate, which can prove to be especially frustrating since the player ends up landing on the base right after.

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