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There are dozens of resources available in Medieval Dynasty, but none may be as important as trees. Trees are a valuable source of logs, which are needed to build pretty much everything. As you expand your village, you may notice that you are clearing entire forest areas just to build a few houses.

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In this guide, we are going to go over a few things you need to know about trees, including if they grow back or not. If you have already chopped down a lot of trees, don't worry. The valley has very dense forests; it will take a while to clear the entire map of trees.

Do Trees Grow Back?

tree stump with village in background

After chopping down an entire forest's worth of trees, you may be regretting clearing the area. Fortunately, you are in for some good news. Trees do grow back! There is a catch though; trees will only grow back if you leave the stump and wait about two years. This means that if you have already used a shovel to remove stumps, those trees will never grow back.

Around trees, you may also notice several saplings. When you approach these saplings, you can collect sticks, which causes the sapling to disappear. In real life, saplings grow into bigger trees but in Medieval Dynasty, they will always remain small. Saplings are a source of sticks, and will never become big trees.


Maximizing The Amount Of Logs Gathered

tree clearing near river

Not all trees were created equal; some will provide more resources than others. Below, you can find all three tree types in the game, as well as how many logs each one will yield.

  • Birch Tree: 2 Logs
  • Spruce Tree: 3 Logs
  • Maple Tree: 4 Logs

As you can see, maple trees will yield the most logs, which means that you do not have to chop down as many. For example, if you need eight logs, you just need two maple trees. If you were to use logs from birch trees, you would need to chop down four. This may not sound like too many trees, but as you expand your village and place new buildings, you will need dozens of logs.

What Happens When Villagers Gather Logs?

villager working at the woodshed

Once you build a woodshed, you can task villagers to collect logs and sticks, as well as make firewood and planks. With an axe in the building's inventory, you can assign a villager the job of lumberjack; this means that they will spend their day gathering the resources you have assigned from the management tab.

A villager assigned to gather logs from the woodshed will chop down trees that are nearby, but if there are no trees in the area, they will essentially create the logs out of nothing. This is a great way to passively collect logs without having to chop down trees.

Overall, small-scale deforestation is inevitable. Remember to assign workers to the woodshed and leave stumps after cutting a tree!

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