The Metal Gear Solid movie has yet to enter production, but that hasn’t stopped at least one prominent actor from throwing their hat into the ring for the role of Solid Snake, as Oscar Isaac has publically stated that he wants to play the famous mercenary on the big screen.

The development of a Metal Gear Solid movie was first announced by Hideo Kojima at E3 2006, but production on the film has repeatedly stalled due to budgetary issues. The departure of Hideo Kojima from Konami seemed like it would rule out his participation in a Metal Gear Solid movie and Konami has seemed disinterested in pursuing the franchise (outside of terrible spinoff games), so many fans have assumed that the project had been shelved. The Metal Gear Solid movie project has since been revived by Avi Arad, however, with Jordan Vogt-Roberts set to direct the film.

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Oscar Isaac was recently interviewed by IGN as part of the promotion of the upcoming film Triple Frontier, where he was asked which video game movie franchise he would like to be a part of. Isaac responded that he wanted to be in Metal Gear Solid and wanted to play the role of Snake.


Jordan Vogt-Roberts has since responded to Oscar Isaac’s comments by saying that the casting for Solid Snake has yet to begin and that the ball is in his court.


Oscar Isaac is best-known for playing Poe Dameron in the new Star Wars movies, but he has also appeared in several spy movies, such as Operation Finale and The Bourne Legacy, and has starred in movies with bizarre science fiction concepts, like Ex Machina, so he is more than qualified to appear in the crazy conspiracy-filled world of Metal Gear Solid.

The first Metal Gear Solid game seems like a natural fit for a blockbuster movie, as it is essentially a spy thriller with a crew of anime villains playing the antagonists. The lukewarm reaction to most video game movies may have scared off a lot of investors and producers in the past, but it seems as if something has changed behind the scenes and that a Metal Gear Solid movie is closer to happening than it ever has been before.

Oscar Isaac is an accomplished actor and, while some fans would likely complain that he doesn’t look enough like Solid Snake, this wouldn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. The Metal Gear Solid movie could only benefit from having an actor as talented as Isaac on board.

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