The Metal Gear Solid franchise, helmed by Hideo Kojima from 1987 to 2015, is renowned for its incredible boss fights, a trend which started with the first 3D entry, 1998's Metal Gear Solid on the original PlayStation. The ten fights below are all distinctly unique, forcing the player utilize different gameplay mechanics in new and interesting ways.

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Even more than 20 years after release the fights manage to impress. To help players know what they are in for on a play through or to help veteran fans fondly remember the classic title, the following list ranks the bosses from easiest to hardest. Of course, for experts all these bosses are now cakewalks.

10 Revolver Ocelot

Revolver Ocelot holding gun before boss fight

The guy who became an integral part of the overall lore started out as this game's first boss. All you have to do is run around the square battle area and get a few shots off at him while he is in your sights. The lack of first-person aiming makes this a little harder, but it is an easy fight overall. At worst it will just take a long time to beat, but as long as you keep moving Ocelot will have a hard time hitting you.


9 Vulcan Raven

Metal Gear Vulcan Raven Boss Fight

Vulcan Raven may be huge and even more intimidating with his massive machine gun, but the actual challenge of the fight does not match the look. He is slow and it is easy to sneak around him. Just circle around him and shoot him with the stinger missile to win. Ironically, the first fight with him much earlier in the game is harder, but more on that later.

8 First Fight With Sniper Wolf

metal gear solid sniper wolf fight

This battle is more emotionally charged than the second fight, but it is overall an easy bout. You first backtrack to earlier in the game to find a sniper rifle while Meryl lies wounded on the floor.

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Upon your return the woman's body is gone, and all you have to worry about is the fight. She has few places to hide here, so it is pretty easy to keep a beat on her.

7 Psycho Mantis

Psycho Mantis before boss battle

Psycho Mantis can be one of the most brutally difficult fights in the game, but a few codec calls reveal the secret to destroying him easily. All you have to do is plug the controller into the second slot and it becomes a normal fight. You still have to be on your toes, but Mantis puts up less resistance. Fortunately, you can still change the controller ports on most re-releases.

6 Cyborg Ninja

Gray Fox in Otacon's lab

The Cyborg Ninja, who is revealed to be Frank Jaeger, refuses to fight fairly with you if you use weapons. The hand to hand bout can be tricky, but it is only the second hardest fist fight with a boss in the game. Upon fighting him for the first time, the changing phases makes the battle a little harder. Watching the battle area get torn up is a technically impressive visual display for the PS1.

5 Second Sniper Wolf Fight

metal gear solid sniper wolf in snow field

In a traditional sniper battle, this fight is a lot harder than the first bout with Sniper Wolf. Fortunately, you can totally cheese it and turn the tide in your favor. Simply hide behind a large mound of snow to the right of your play area and equip the Nikita Launcher. From here, you can use the weapon to guide missiles towards the boss and she is unable to harm you in the slightest.

4 Tank

Tank Metal Gear Boss Fight

The second boss also manages to be one of the harder fights in the game. Vulcan Raven ambushes Snake in an M1 Abrams tank. Grenades are your only real option for this beast.

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Chaff Grenades help you dodge the vehicle's most deadly weapon, and Grenades slow down the treads. Once a machine gunner reveals himself, lob a grenade towards him to deal damage. Being the giant he is, Vulcan leaves this battle mostly unscathed.

3 Hind D

Hind D metal gear boss fight

This boss is foreshadowed early on in the campaign when Snake questions what a Russian gunship is doing at Shadow Moses Island. The actual fight on top of one of the communications towers is one of the longer bouts and can be deadly if you are unfamiliar with its attack patterns. Only Stinger missiles do damage. The communications tower in general can be tricky, as it is all action-packed with no stealth.

2 Metal Gear Rex

PlayStation Metal Gear Solid Metal Gear REX Boss Fight

This fight cements Solid Snake's legacy. Who else could take out a walking battle tank with nuclear capabilities? Even if you know what is coming next, dodging the missiles and machine gun fire can prove troublesome. Just when you think you have bested the mechanical beast, the second part of the fight begins. This phase is even harder and more emotionally charged from the death of a major character.

1 Liquid Snake Fist Fight

Liquid snake boss fight MGS 1

This extremely intimate fight is also one of the most challenging parts of the whole game. Liquid's hits do a lot of damage and he introduces even more powerful attacks as his health gets lower. As if that is not bad enough, there is a time limit. It is also not good enough to just empty Liquid's health bar; you have to knock him off the edge of Metal Gear Rex. The villain miraculously survives this fall and chases you on a jeep during the ending escape from the facility.

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