Metro Exodus has seven major chapters in the game and a bunch of smaller chapters to sprinkle extra story content into the experience. Players will get to visit a new setting for each of these chapters, and there is a completely unique story within each world space. Metro Exodus created a unique horror atmosphere in each of these chapters.

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The stories that are told in Metro Exodus are well-written and atmospheric in a way that most post-apocalyptic games can't replicate. These chapters contain the best stories and environments that Metro Exodus has to offer, based on both the storytelling and world-building that are found within them.

7 The Introduction Chapter

The introduction of Metro Exodus is short; however, it gives a lot of insight into what players can expect in the game and the characters that they will see throughout their playthrough. New characters are introduced, and fans will also see a bunch of returning characters, such as Anna and Miller, which makes this a fun chapter to play through, even if it is very short. This chapter also helps introduce players to many of the different survival mechanics in the game.

However, the introduction doesn't offer much besides running through the Metro for a few minutes and a few fights with the Watchmen, and as such, it doesn't deserve a very high-ranking when compared to some of the later chapters within Metro Exodus.


6 The Volga

The Volga is the first open-world chapter in Metro Exodus, and it introduces the concept of an open-world to the franchise. It is set in a swamp-like area. Gamers will get to meet a cult that hates electricity and blames it for all of society's problems.

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Artyom will have to defeat the leaders of this cult before passing through their fort and eventually traveling to new areas. The atmosphere of the Volga mixed with the teamwork aspect of the train's crew is wonderful, and players will surely enjoy their swampy adventure; however, it isn't as fun as the later chapters in the game.

5 Moscow

Moscow is set straight after the introduction chapter, and it sees players capturing a train and learning much more about the Metro world in general. The twist in the Moscow chapter shows players that the war never really ended, and this is one of the best ways that a single-player game has ever begun their story because of how interesting it is straight from the beginning. Players will see a lot of locations within this chapter that are reminiscent of the world-building in Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light.

The Moscow chapter also offers some very fun combat, including a scene where Artyom jumps into a moving train and blows it up. Overall the Moscow chapter is a great experience, and it will surely hook any player right from the start.

4 The Caspian

The Caspian is the second open-world area that players will encounter in Metro Exodus, and it is set in a desert climate. Players will get their first taste of driving vehicles in Metro because the player gives them a car to roam around the Desert.

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There are many side activities for players to complete, including freeing a bunch of slaves from the Baron's grasp. The Caspian also offers a host of new characters for players to interact with, such as the Baron and Giul, which shows the world-building that was done specifically for this area. With such an amazing atmosphere and a bunch of new characters to learn about, the Caspian definitely deserves to be ranked high when it comes to the best chapters of the game.

3 Yamantau

Yamantau is the most gripping chapter in Metro Exodus; however, it is very short compared to the open-world levels within the game. Yamantau has the player and their crew adventuring into a bunker that is assumed to be where the Minister of Defense is housed. The following plot twist is one of the main reasons that Yamantau is so amazing.

Upon talking to the "Minister of Defense", the train crew gets captured, and it is revealed that these people are not government officials in any form, they are cannibals. The cannibals capture Anna, and Artyom goes to rescue her in a fight that is both tense and nerve-racking because of the cannibal enemies that are constantly screaming phrases such as "MEAT!" at the player. There are few other scenes in the Metro franchise that are as tense as this bunker level, and any player that enjoys dreary post-apocalyptic lore will love this chapter.

2 The Dead City

The Dead City is the final major chapter within Metro Exodus, and it has built the most interesting plot of any chapter within the game. The player will feel tense while adventuring through the Metro tunnels and hospital in the Dead City chapter because of the terrifying enemies that lay within, such as mutated Leeches and the Blind Ones.

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The player will complete half of the chapter with Miller and half by themselves, which allows for a unique and diverse gameplay loop. Artyom's goal throughout this chapter is to eventually make his way to a hospital and get medicine since Anna is sick with a deadly disease. The emotional feelings that this chapter evokes for players are surpassed by no other scenes in the Metro franchise, and as such, it is regarded as one of the best stories in post-apocalyptic video game history.

1 The Taiga

The Taiga is the most beautiful open world that Metro Exodus has to offer as it will have players traveling to a lively forest setting. Players will get to fight mutated wildlife such as wolves and a giant bear, which makes for some of the best fights that players will get to experience in Metro Exodus.

The forestry in the Taiga is stunning, and it truly makes players feel as though they are exploring a post-apocalyptic forest that was shielded from the main blast. Players will get the chance to meet multiple different factions and even participate in a tea party. There are many interesting scenes in the Taiga, and overall the atmosphere alone earns it the title of the best chapter in Metro Exodus.

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