Get ready to instantly turn into dust - it's been more than 1000 days since we were told that Metroid Prime 4 was restarting its development.

Metroid fans all across social media pointed out that October 21 2021 marked 1000 days since Nintendo announced to us all on January 25 2019 that the game would be restarting its development with Retro Studios being more involved with the project.

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It's been even more time since Metroid Prime 4 was even announced in the first place, which took place two years earlier than the development restart announcement. That means that it's been 1593 days since Metroid Prime 4 was originally announced and all we've really had from it is a logo. Wait no, not "all we've really had", literally all we've had.

Since Metroid Prime 4 restarted development, we've had announcements for a sequel to Breath of the Wild, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has finished all of its DLC, and Nintendo Directs have managed to make a comeback. Hell, even Bayonetta 3 got announced, disappeared, and then made a comeback in that time. A brand new console generation has also started, and Nintendo has even upgraded the console that Prime 4 was originally announced for. It's been a busy 1000 days is what we're saying.

Nintendo hasn't even really mentioned Prime 4 since its development restart. We have no idea how far into development it is since it's not been shown off once since being restarted. Actually, it hadn't even been shown off at all up to that point. but we digress.


It's not like Metroid fans haven't been eating good in that time though, as Metroid Dread released earlier this month and reignited a lot of fans' passion for the series. If anything, that's caused fans to notice Prime 4's absence even more, especially when they've arguably been waiting longer for a true Prime sequel than for a 2D Metroid game, as long as you count Samus Returns that is.

Still, don't take this time acknowledgement as an excuse to harass Nintendo or its developers - games are hard to make, and if Metroid Prime 4 takes another 1000 days to be shown off, so be it.

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