Minecraft is a game that is notorious for allowing its players to express themselves creatively with little to no limits at all. Ever since its initial release all the way back in 2011, the game has provided a variety of options to assist players in building, furnishing, and decorating their bases.

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One item that has been a frequent go-to among the Minecraft community for the past decade would be paintings, a visually pleasing item that can be used to help brighten up any base with just a single click. However, not all players will be familiar with the various other features that paintings come with, which is where this guide comes in handy.

8 Easy To Craft

minecraft: sheep in a plains biome

One of the biggest reasons why paintings make for one of the best decorative items in the game is because of how simply cheap they are. For the cost of a single wool and eight sticks each, players can bring some brightness to their bases and transform and shack into a home.

It's important to note that paintings can be an easily renewable item in Minecraft. This can be done by putting together a simple sheep and tree farm, as this will allow for you to collect the items needed to craft the paintings infinitely, thus resulting in infinite paintings!


7 Can Be Bought From Shepherds

minecraft: all villager professions

Every now and again a player will get a bad spawn on their survival world and they won't easily have access to the wool or wood required to craft any paintings. However, with the introduction of improved villagers in the 1.14 update, players are now able to get their hands on paintings from a villager with the Shepherd profession.

Though accessing paintings this way is a fair bit more expensive than the original crafting method,  It allows for players who are having difficulty obtaining the required materials to access them in an alternative way that doesn't require hours on hours of searching.

6 Range in Sizes

minecraft: skull and spider paintings

Luckily for those of us who love to build in Minecraft, Mojang didn't just provide us with a single type of painting but instead with a total of 26. These 26 paintings are made up of a variety of sizes and dimensions ranging from small 1x1s to giant 4 x4s.

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To get a specific sized painting, players can use a simple block manipulation trick to force the painting to place as the size that they want. All that players need to do is surround the area that they wish to place the painting with any type of block, and then place the painting in the empty area. By placing blocks around the perimeter of the painting, it limits how large the painting can grow and therefore grants gamers with the size that they're after.

5 They're Based On Real Artwork

1981 kong game

Few gamers may actually know this, but the majority of the paintings in Minecraft are parodied versions of real-life paintings or images that already exist! The majority of the paintings are based on the work of painter Kristoffer Zetterstrand, who ironically also created a lot of the Minecraft paintings too.

Though it may be difficult to tell due to the low resolution of the paintings in Minecraft, it is possible to identify what some of the paintings are based on. For example, the 4x3 painting titled 'Kong' is a depiction of a level from the original 1981 super Mario game of the same name.

4 Hidden Doorways

minecraft: hidden painting doorway trick

This trick will feel as old as time to veteran Minecraft players, but for those who are new to the game, there is a very simple trick using paintings and signs that allows you to create hidden doorways into secrets rooms.

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Since paintings are classed as entities in Minecraft, players are actually able to walk straight through them. So, if a player places a painting over the top of two signs then this creates a secret doorway that nobody else will know about! Many redstone experts have even taken this concept further and created more intricate hidden doorways using this very concept.

3 Hidden Chests

minecraft: painting hiding a chest

In the same way that players can create hidden doorways using paintings, the same can be done with hidden chests. To hide a chest, you can simply place one inside of a wall and shift-click to place a painting over the top of it.

This is a very useful trick for gamers if they like to frequently play on faction or anarchy servers where there's a constant risk of their items getting stolen. How can they possibly steal anything if they don't know where it is, right?

2 Light Up A Room In Secret

minecraft: well furnished minecraft interior

As mentioned earlier, paintings are classified as entities instead of blocks and therefore players can pass straight through them. Well, just like players, light can also pass straight through paintings which means that you can create hidden light sources to keep any room bright without littering it with ugly torches.

This little trick works with any light source, so players are still able to control how bright or dim they want the room to be whilst also keeping the light source hidden.

1 They Can Be Customized

minecraft: custom painting of the mona lisa

Despite there being a broad range of paintings to choose from, players may eventually become bored or unsatisfied with the default paintings in the game. For those who experience this, it may be worthwhile to look into some texture packs that change the paintings into something that better suits their style.

If any gamers are particularly creative and have access to programs such as paint or photoshop, then they can take this one step further and attempt making their own paintings from scratch instead of using pre-existing options.

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