Mojang, the studio most famous for Minecraft, has another game now. Actually, it's had this game going on for a while. But a recent relaunch has thrown Mojang's Scrolls into the free-to-play market, and also gave it a new name. Take a look at Caller's Bane, a community-run, completely free digital card game from the developers of Minecraft.


Caller's Bane was originally called Scrolls, as its setting involves players using scrolls to summon creatures into battle. These creatures make their way across a board in order to destroy the opponent's statues. Of course, the opponent has their own scrolls and wants to do the same. The game can be played against AI, although online matches against other people is where the real challenge lies. Now that it has become Caller's Bane, the interaction between human players is only more emphasized.

The relaunch has effectively put the game into the players' hands. After downloading the game for Windows or Mac OS, players can also download the tools to run their own server. With the game now being free, Mojang doesn't exactly have the resources to maintain an official server, so it's trusting the players to do it. One prominent player known as kbasten has already answered the call. Their server is ready to go, and the official blog even recommends it as a good starting point.


For those who wish to start their own Caller's Bane server, Mojang is being generous with the customization options. Server owners have the freedom to decide how quickly players will be able to earn gold and scrolls in their realm. They can even make it so all players start with every scroll unlocked! And while the talk of unlocking scrolls and free-to-play might give some concerns of unruly mirco-transactions, it is not so. Every scroll can be purchased using the gold earned in-game.


If there's one thing Mojang does very well, it's giving players freedom to run wild with a game. Minecraft was obviously built for it, but Scrolls seemed to begin as a more controlled, Hearthstone-esque experience. With the transformation into Caller's Bane, Mojang is once again handing gamers control. Since the game is free and doesn't feature micro-transactions, there's every reason to at least give it a try. In a year full of controversy and battle passes galore, let's support a game that's just here to provide free fun.

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