A new mod for Mass Effect Legendary Edition has fixed the infamous Conrad Verner glitch from the original games. Verner was a big fan of Shepard who you could interact with and would remember the interaction in the sequels.

In ME1, you could either be nice to Verner or not. However a glitch in ME2 always caused the character to remember the interaction as you pointing a gun at him. BioWare tried to address this issue in the third installment by making Verner misremember the original incident.

However, you can now fix the glitched interaction yourself thanks to the Conrad Verner Remembers (ME2LE) Bug Fix mod on Nexus Mods (thanks Eurogamer). “Upon installing the mod you will find a picture of Conrad Verner in your cabin,” says the description of the mod. “Inspecting it you will get some knowledge of how that got there and you will reminisce about your past encounters with him. Choose wisely, for whatever Shepard remembers to be what happened, Conrad will too.” However, developer Marcus22Khaar mentions that this must be done before landing on Illium, or else the mod won’t work.

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While this is a great mod that fixes a long standing glitch, there are some that just want to watch the world burn. The ultimate modder’s delight, Thomas the Tank Engine, has previously ravaged through a number of games, and has now found their way to Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Thomas takes on the role of the Reapers and makes things even more terrifying than before.

Recently, BioWare veteran Mark Darrah revealed that the studio was working on a Mass Effect spin-off called Mass Effect: Corsair for the Nintendo DS. It was set to be a first-person game where the player travels across space and picks up missions. “It was going to kinda be a combination of Privateer and Star Control,” said Darrah. Missions would have apparently included things like deliveries, exploring, gathering and selling intel to Alliance.


He also mentioned that the main reason for the spin-off being abandoned was due to the Nintendo DS and its expensive cartridges. He said that the economics of the platform were “just terrible.”

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