A Bloodborne modder has managed to restore a kick attack that was previously seen in one of Bloodborne's first gameplay trailers.

When Bloodborne's gameplay was originally shown off, gamers noticed that the Hunter could use a short kick attack to push enemies back slightly. This was backed up by a Project Beast leak which showed gameplay of the kick in action.

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Despite showing up in early gameplay footage, when Bloodborne launched the ability to kick enemies was completely absent from the game and joined the pantheon of cut content. It's never been revealed why the kick was removed, or really what its purpose was in the first place, but fans have still wondered where it went.

As it turns out, Bloodborne's kick is pretty easy to add back into the game, implying that it was probably removed pretty late into development. Bloodborne insider and modder Lance McDonald Tweeted about the kick after managing to get it working in the game again. According to him, restoring the kick only took uncommenting two lines of code.


He said, "In the very first gameplay trailer for Bloodborne, we saw a "kick" attack that was removed from the game long before we got to play it. It can be restored by uncommenting 2 lines of code. Here it is working again."

The video that McDonald posted on his Twitter shows the Hunter performing the same kick seen in the gameplay trailers on an enemy with a shield. The kick knocks the enemy's shield away from them, opening them up to a proper attack. The footage ends with Lance showing off the kick in action a few more times.

It seems that the kick attack was included specifically for taking out these shield enemies, which has caused Bloodborne players to speculate that the kick was removed from the game because of the overall lack of that enemy type. Bloodborne only really has a few enemies with shields, so perhaps it wasn't worth a whole attack dedicated to it.

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