The dated shots of Miranda's backside that were removed for the series' remastered trilogy have been restored by the same person who modded them out of the original games.

Mass Effect stole video game headlines for a large chunk of the first half of 2021 as the hype surrounding the remastered collection of its original trilogy built up. The Legendary Edition finally arrived back in May, giving fans of the games a better-looking version of them than ever before.

Aside from making the games look better, other tweaks were made. One of those tweaks was altering the camera angles that had previously focused on Miranda's behind. Mass Effect's character director called out the shots during the remaster process, prompting their removal. However, a modder has now added them back into the games for anyone who feels like they are missing out on the authentic Mass Effect experience.

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The strangest thing about the Miranda Butt Shot Restoration mod (because what else would you call it?) is the person responsible for it. A modder who goes by the name Scottina123. You might think this modder is obsessed with wanting to see virtual bums, no matter BioWare's attempts to stop that. However, Scottina123 is responsible for a mod that does the exact opposite of this one in the original Mass Effect games.

Scottina123 uploaded the No More Butt Shots mod in 2018, even offering up an explanation as to why they deemed the mod necessary three years before BioWare made it a reality. They describe the shots as annoying and disrespectful to Miranda's character, making it all the more confusing that they have now added those shots to the remasters. Perhaps Scottina123 just supports the right for the player to decide whether they get to see close-ups of Miranda's bum or not..


Despite the release of the Legendary Edtion feeling like the build to an all-new Mass Effect game, BioWare has already confirmed there will be no news on a potential next chapter at EA Play. There are plenty of mods to play around with though, even if you're not interested in seeing the dated shots of Miranda in the remastered games. One restores the games' old Mako, while another introduces Thomas the Tank to the trilogy, because what game is complete without a Thomas the Tank mod?

Source: GamesRadar

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