Every new and improved Call of Duty title has, for better or worse, revamped their gun-toting mechanics. From wall jumping to specialty classes, modern Call of Duty experiences are nowhere near what their early counterparts were like. I'll never forget bashing my controller to pieces over an annoying noob tuber, or the quick scope only matches. Now it's all about Battle Royale functionality, player skins, and more weaponry, but I think Activision knows just what it's doing with their upcoming return-to-the-past Modern Warfare. Remember, this is not a reboot, it's a reimagining, one that older and newer fans alike will be talking about for a long while.

Apart from new mechanics, weaponry, and level design, the obvious alteration to the gunplay in Call of Duty would be graphics enhancements. Activision's most recent showcasing gave fans a perspective of hyperrealistic shootouts with surprisingly amazing sounds. While the graphics look more real than they ever have, I find  the sound design is the most impressive of all the upgrades this game will see. From the echo of your gun in a canyon to the ricochet of bullets off of different environments, Modern Warfare boasts a bevy of varied sound recordings, in addition to light effects and general graphics enhancements that will make gunplay a far more realistic experience.

The enhancements to game mechanics in Call of Duty throughout the years has been a staple in their marketing and draw. With this upcoming title, Activision wanted to ensure the gamer is always in control. They've added new ways for players to interact with the maps, what with improvements on jumping and vaulting, as well as new tactical movements, like doorway peeking. In this new iteration, players will be able to push doors open with the muzzle of their gun and pop a flashbang in the room for more dynamic gunplay. Activision has also added darker maps, which necessitate the use of night vision goggles. These are only some of the ways Modern Warfare will shatter the illusion of gaming.


Weapon customization is now far more intimate and streamlined. Called "Gunsmith" in the upcoming title, weapon customization will be a mass of enhancements and features, even giving players the option of creating their own "sniper shotgun." With this creativity in mind, Modern Warfare is no longer all about scopes and ammo capacities so much as it is about bullet penetration and accuracy. There will be more customization options for your gun than your player which will in of itself make gunplay far more dynamic. A focus more on tactical advantages will be needed over mere stats.

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One rather interesting new gameplay feature is the ability to edit Loadouts mid-match. It was always viewed as an issue, but now Activision is implementing this element so that players can swiftly edit their Loadouts to test the various attachments without having to wait for a new game. Geoff Smith remarks on this new adaption with fierce certainty:

"For years we thought that if someone was able to edit their Loadout in-game they would be AFK, but with so many different attachments, it's fun to switch out the stuff on the fly."

It's unclear how much this will alter online gameplay, but it's sure to make every single match both interesting and exciting.

Every Call of Duty title is fast-paced. I think this new installment will put that to the test. With all-new game modes, like the 2v2 "Gunfight," customization like we've never seen before, tactical gameplay dynamics, and hyperrealistic graphics, Modern Warfare will make us rethink gunplay in interesting ways. Every multiplayer match will be completely varied. It gives players more intriguing ways of testing their weapons and enhancements to further radical gunplay. Plus, with crossplay a major feature in the new game, I expect the shootouts to be more intense than ever before. Geoff says it best himself, "Rest assured, gunplay is king." Even the designers know just how important the gun mechanics are and will strive to make every experience lasting and memorable beyond belief.

I still sometimes play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on my Xbox 360 and I'll never get over the intense gunfights in that alone. Spec Ops is my personal favorite game mode, so I'm really hoping they bring that back. Modern Warfare is gearing up to be one explosive, hyperrealistic first-person shooter that will challenge its predecessors with interesting new features. If you want to play early, here's how to join the early beta. The more the release date closes in, the more hyped I seem to be getting, itching for those intense shootouts.

Until then, I'll be playing Spec Ops - or maybe it's time for some Gun Game...

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