A franchise like Monster Hunter ultimately thrives on familiarity. Even with entries like Monster Hunter World modernizing the series, players know that at the core of the gameplay will be bombastic boss battles against prehistoric creatures outside time. Monster Hunter Rise is the latest installment in the franchise, sporting the usual tweaks alongside one major addition: Rampages.

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Rampage Quests are a new mode in Monster Hunter Rise that pits hunters against a swarm of monsters in a small area. While Rampage Quests are the best way to earn lots of materials quickly, they’re extremely frustrating to play on single player – unless you know which Weapon Installations to build.

Bamboo Bombs

Bamboo Bomb

Bamboo Bombs are an automatic installation that detonates whenever monsters walk in range of where they’re planted. Smart hunters should planet Bamboo Bombs in a monster’s general path, eventually blowing up whenever they get near by and allowing you to rush in for some free strikes.

For single player Rampage Quests, Bamboo Bombs can go a long way. Bamboo Bombs are best planted in front of monster hordes – so as to damage them as they’re coming in – and in the center portion of the area. Keep in mind that Bamboo Bombs can’t be installed on higher platforms, but this shouldn’t prove to be an issue.



Ballistae are a mountable installation which can come in handy against more persistent or aggressive monsters. When mounted, Ballistae can be aimed at any monsters in range for attack. Ballistae are capable of three types of shots which serve distinct purposes: a standard Ballista Shot, a Crag Shot, and a Retreat Shot.


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The Ballista Shot fires standard ammo and does a decent enough job at chipping away at monsters. The Crag Shot will stun monsters with headshots, creating attack opportunities for your fellow hunters. Finally, the Retreat Shot can stop monsters on the spot and even potentially topple them over.



Like the Ballistae, Cannons are a mountable installation perfect for taking out monsters from afar. Cannons also fire three types of shots: the basic Cannon Shot, a Charged Piercing Shot, and a Charged Thunder Shot. The standard Cannon Shot does reliable damage while knocking monsters from afar.

The Charged Piercing Shot is perfect for penetrating a monster’s hard body and the Charged Thunder Shot deals thunderblight damage. Both shots can be charged up to deal extra damage, so be sure to make the most out of each attack.



The Dragonator is an inherent installation that unlocks as soon as your Stronghold reaches Level 3. The Dragonator fires a massive lance at monsters when mounted and needs to be reloaded in-between shots. When paired with Dragonbait, players can lure monsters towards them just to shoot them down with the Dragonator.

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Make sure to use a Power Kiln to increase a Dragonator’s reload speed so you can keep regularly using the installation. The Dragonator’s line of sight is limited enough where other installations will still see some use, but it’s powerful enough to prioritize rushing to whenever monsters are in range.

Warriors Of Kamura


Warriors of Kamura is a limited installation and more or less a player’s ace in the hole for Rampage Quests when used intelligently. Warriors of Kamura can only be used once per Rampage Quest, summoning your fellow warriors to help out in the fight against the monster horde.

Since Warriors of Kamura is a one-time use, it should be used only when absolutely necessary. Save installation for when you’re either desperate or ready to wrap things up. Warriors of Kamura goes a long way in softening some of the hardest Rampage Quests in single player, but be careful not to rely on it too much.

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