Monster Hunter Rise, the latest entry into the long and storied Monster Hunter franchise, will hit PCs via Steam in January. It'll include all major post-release content that arrived on the Switch version, as well as visual upgrades like 4K resolution, uncapped frame rates, high-res textures, and ultrawide screen support.

Oh, and it'll have keyboard and mouse controls, of course.

However, it won't have cross-play or cross-save with the Switch version. Capcom made the official announcement yesterday in a tweet:

"We’ve heard your requests for Cross-Save / Cross-Play for #MHRise & #Sunbreak, but unfortunately, after looking into it throughout the development process, we found we are unable to implement it this time."

No explanation for the lack of cross-save or cross-play was provided, which is kinda weird. There are tons of games on the Switch from third-party developers that allow for cross-play, like Fortnite, Apex Legends, Among Us, Rocket League, Minecraft, and dozens more. Clearly, there's no technical reason why Capcom can't implement cross-save and cross-play between the PC and Switch versions of Monster Hunter Rise, so what gives?

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It's certainly possible that Capcom will implement cross-save/cross-play in a future update following the game's release, given the way the announcement was worded. Still, it's a curious decision when the standard for ports really seemed to be turning towards cross-play rather than away from it.


Monster Hunter Rise recently surpassed 7.5 million units sold on the Switch, which means there are plenty of monster hunters out there that could have played with new PC hunters when the game arrives on January 12.

via Capcom

The next best opportunity for Capcom to merge the Switch and PC player pools would be with the arrival of Sunbreak in the summer of 2022. The upcoming expansion will provide an all-new story, a new base, a new location, and new monsters to hunt, alongside one returning monster from Monster Hunter 2 and a brand new elder dragon.

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